I Classici dell'Avventura

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I Classici dell'Avventura
Icda Freccia-01.jpg
First issue
First issue
Country/language: Mini italy.gif Italy / Italian
Publishing company: La Freccia
Fratelli Spada
Publishing years: 1960–1961
Issues: 16
Format: 15,6×21,4 cm/
15×21 cm, b/w & color

I Classici dell'Avventura was an Italian magazine published by "La Freccia" from 1960 to 1961 and by "Fratelli Spada" from 1962 to 1967.

Issue overview

By La Freccia

Initially the series started as a reprint series of the "Avventure Americane - L'Uomo Mascherato" series devoted to The Phantom. The first six issues were named Avventure Americane – Ristampe mensili, then the issue 7 in the series changed title to Avventure Americane – Ristampe albi - Supplemento albi while issues 8 and 9 have the title Avventure Americane – bis. Finally from #10 the series changed title to: I Classici dell'Avventura. Each issue of "I Classici dell'Avventura" reprinted 3 stories (#7 have 4 stories and #8 and 9 have two stories each).

Issues with Mandrake

Issues 13 and 15 reprinted stories from the "Il Vascello" series devoted Mandrake the Magician.

By Fratelli Spada

The issues have a cartridge on the upper left mentioning the title I Classici dell'Avventura, the format size of 15 x 21 cm for most of them, and 100 pages each one. It was launched immediately after the La Freccia's similar series ended.

This series alternated between the adventures of Mandrake (uneven issue numbers) and L'Uomo Mascherato (even issue numbers) with a total of 134 issues, of which 67 issues were devoted to Mandrake stories. The first issue dedicated to Mandrake was issue #1 (January 10, 1962) and the last one was issue 133 (January 29, 1967). Some issues (#13, 15 and 25) have a bigger size of 17 × 24 cm and the subtitle Gigante.

Each issue included several Mandrake stories, until issue #61 in April 1964, from which only one Mandrake story was featured along with two other comics such as "Tim Tyler's Luck", "Secret Agent X-9", "King of the Royal Mounted" and so on.

The covers were made by: Enzo Carretti, D Mirabella, G Ferri, Tullo Palasciano, Enzo Ciacci and M Caria. In France, a similar series called Les héros du mystère roughly corresponded to the Mandrake issues from Fratelli Spada's I Classici dell'Avventura.


Unsold copies were later glued together and given new covers and sold as Raccolta Mandrake. During this time one also find some issues in the Busta Spada series.