Il Vascello

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Il Vascello
Il Vascello-01-01.jpg
First issue
Country/language: Mini italy.gif Italy / Italian
Publishing company: La Freccia
Publishing years: 1958 + 1959-1961
Issues: 22 + 65
Format: b/w, sepia & color

Issue overview

Regular series

The first issue of this bi-monthly series mainly devoted to "The Phantom (L'uomo mascherato)" is dated February 7, 1958 and the last (#22) December 15, 1958. Issues 11 and 13 were devoted to "Tim Tyler's Luck (Cino e Franco)". The format was 15,5 × 20 cm for generally 32 pages. The price increased from L30 to L60 from issue 7, and went down to L50 from issue 18.

In between issue 21 and 22 the publisher started to reprint the first Phantom issues in a new supplement series, "Avventure Americane - Periodico quindicinale - Supplemento economico quindicinale", with price L30. The first 6 issues from the "Il Vascello" series were reprinted in this supplement series, running for 12 issues.

The stories with the Phantom continued in the "Avventure Americane" series, which restarted its numering with issue 1 in 1959.

Exstra issues

This series have 4 extra (bis) issues. Two stories were adapted from novels by Giulio Verne, "L'isola misteriosa" and "Un capitano di 15 anni" (18 bis and 20 bis), both extra issues were released the same date as the regular issues 18 and 20. The "Mandrake" issue (22 bis) was released on December 30, 15 days after the regular issue 22. The last exstra issue (24 bis) with the stories La diligenza fantasma & Il pugnale seghettato with "Cisco Kid" by Jose Luis Salinas was released on January 15, 1959. Strangly, there exist no issues 23 and 24 in the regular series.

Second series

The series restarted its numbering in 1959, with the first issue released April 15. The first issue was the story "I Filibustieri delle Antille" by Emilio Fancelli and De Julio. The second and the fifth issues were mainly devoted to "Mandrake the Magician" who, from issue #7, became the main figure for the series. The third issue was "La sposa del sole" by Emilio Fancelli and Enzo Carretti, followed by "Il Cavaliere Solitario" by Onofrio Bramante and the "Jim della Giungla (Jungle Jim)" by Paul Norris.

Back-up stories in the first 6 issues was "Hopalong Cassidy" by Dan Spiegle, and from issues 13 to 26 "Tim Tyler's Luck" by Lyman Young. Some issues also have "Pete the Tramp" by C. D. Russell, "Arturo (Nancy)" by Ernie Bushmiller and "The Little King" by Otto Soglow.

Enzo Carretti made the covers for issues; 1-4, 13-36 and 41-65, Tullo Palasciano the covers for issue 5 and Onofrio Bramante the covers for issues 7-11.

The series ended with the issue #65 dated December 20, 1961.


Exstra issues

The series released 4 extra (bis) issues this year: "Morte nell'ombra" by O. Bramante (11 bis), "I pindarris vindhya" by Fancelli and De Julio (13 bis), "I dorados di Pancho Villa" (15 bis) and "Comanche" by De Julio (17 bis).

Avventure Americane – L'Uomo Mascherato

One story with Mandrake was a back-up story in the "Avventure Americane – L'Uomo Mascherato" issue 8


Exstra issues

The series released 1 extra (bis) issues this year: "Mandrake", Il gigante fantasma by Lee Falk and Phil Davis (21 bis).


Exstra issues

This year the previous issue 21 bis was reprinted, now released as issue 49 bis.

Supplement issues
Ben Hur

A 4 part "Ben Hur" series were released as a supplement series with the regular "Il Vascello" issues 41-44, with an album issue as a supplement to issue 52. The covers were made by Onofrio Bramante.

Super Albo

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