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Casa Editrice Nerbini
Biographical information
Founded: 1897 by Giuseppe Nerbini
Country: Mini italy.gif Italy

Mario Nerbini became the new director of the publishing house, founded by his father, in 1914. In 1932, the success of their first comics weekly magazine "Topolino" ("Mickey Mouse") - presented in a large attractive format giornale and featuring Walt Disney famous characters for the first time in Italy - was confirmed with the launching, two years later, of another weekly magazine entitled "L'Avventuroso", in which Mandrake stories can be found from 1935.

Nerbini paid KFS for rights to print Mandrake in Italy pre-WWII. However he did not continued to pay them after WWII. So their post-WWII printed Mandrake stories are all reprints of pre-WWII stories as well as traced Mandrake stories from other comics or newspapers; some stories being then also made by Italian artists.

Mandrake publications published by Casa Editrice Nerbini

Title Year(s) Issues
L'Avventuroso 1934 - 1943 Mandrake in issues 15 to 375
Giungla! 1938-1939 Mandrake in issues 127 to 171
Pisellino 1940 Mandrake in issues 127 to 171
Albi grandi avventure - Mandrake 1937 – 1941
1945 – 1948
Albi Economici Nerbini 1949 7 (of total 16)
Serie economici albi grandi avventure 1949 4
Mistero Comics


As a curiosity, it can be mentioned when Mario Nerbini did print the first Mandrake story in the Italian weekly magazine "L'Avventuroso" someone edited some of the original panels by Phil Davis. One find panels with ekstra ink on a lightly dressed Barbara as well as human remains are removed from the lion cave. As a result of the lack of original U.S. stripes it was this censored version which was used as source for new printings in various countries.

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