Super Albo – Mandrake (La Freccia)

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Super Albo
Super Albo-lf-01.jpg
First issue
Country/language: Mini italy.gif Italy / Italian
Publishing company: La Freccia
Publishing years: 1960-1961
Issues: 20
Format: b/w, sepia & color

Super Albo - Mandrake was a series of Mandrake comic books published by the Italian publisher La Freccia from November 1960 to December 1961.

Issue overview

Supplement series

The series started as supplement albums for the two series "Avventure Americane" and "Il Vascello". The albums had dual numering: one for the supplement series issue and one for the different characters. The series started as a monthly series with a "The Phantom" issue in November 1960, followed with a "Mandrake" issue in December and on.

The stories were edited and added some extra ink by Massimo Liorni and other Italian artist. The series also had back-up stories made by P L de Julio, Gaetano Vitelli and Restaino. The covers was made by Enzo Carretti.

Il Super Albo series

Beginning with the 9th issue the series became bimonthly, with two issues each month. The series also changed its dual numering to: one for the "Il Super-Albo" series and one for the characters. From issue 17 the series only have numbering for the "Il Super-Albo" series.

The series ended with issue 20 devoted to "Tim Tyler's Luck".