Editoriale Corno

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Editoriale Corno
Biographical information
Founded: 1962
Country: Mini italy.gif Italy

Andrea Corno and Luciano Secchi (Max Bunker) founded "Edizioni Serpente Volante" in 1960. Their first anthology series "Viva!" was devoted to comics, some made by Harold Foster and Alex Raymond. To reduce the cost of production they did everything from translation to table of contents, from the layout to lettering, and on.

The following year "Edizioni Serpente Volante" changed the name to "Editoriale Corno", with Andrea Corno as editor and Luciano Secchi as director. The first publication of the new publishing house was in March 1962, "Maschera Nera". A comic self freely inspired by Zorro with texts by Luciano Secchi (under the pseudonym Esselle) and art by Paul Piffaferio. From 1964 came several self-produced comics like; Diabolik, Kriminal, Satanik.

Mandrake publications published by Corno

Title Year(s) Issues
Okay 1968 4
Eureka 1967-1984 (of total 254)
Eureka Pocket 1968-1984 1 (of total 82)
Superfumetti in Film 1976-1980 1 (of total 17)