Comics Rama

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Comics Rama
First issue
Country/language: Mini italy.gif Italy / Italian
Publishing company: Bertelli Giorgio
Publishing years: 1968
Issues: 4
Format: 26x35 cm , b/w & color

Issue overview

Comics Rama printet various comics such as: "Steve Canyon" from 1947-48 by Milton Caniff (issues 1-4), "Dynamo" from Tower Comics by Len Brown and Wally Wood & Dan Adkins & Steve Ditko (issues 1-4), "Brick Bradford" from 1934 by William Ritt and Clarence Gray (issues 1-3), "Mandrake" from 1935 by Lee Falk and Phil Davis, t.d. 1935 (issues 1-3), "Raff Pugno d'Acciaio" by Alberto Guerri and Vittorio Cossio, "Pete il Vagabondo (Pete the Tramp)" from 1955 by C. D. Russell (issue 3), "Robin Malone" from 1967 by Bob Lubbers (issues 2 & 4), "The Captain Martin" by Zata (issue 3), "Big-Ben Bolt" from 1951 by Elliot Caplin and John Cullen Murphy (issue 4).

The title for the series is written "Comicsrama", in one word, inside. The last issue announced a issue 5, but it was never published.

Regular series

The Mandrake story is a reprint taken from the Italian magazine L'Audace.