I Giganti

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I Giganti
First issue
Country/language: Mini italy.gif Italy / Italian
Publishing company: Fratelli Spada
Publishing years: 1967–1968
Issues: 14
Format: 17×24 cm, color

I Giganti was a comic series published fortnightly by Fratelli Spada in Italy.

Issues overview

Regular series

The first series ofI Giganti run for 14 issues. It was divided between "Mandrake" (even numbering) by Lee Falk and Fred Fredericks and "Uomo Mascherato" (uneven numbering) by Lee Falk and Sy Barry. As backup stories the series printed: "Rip Kirby" by Alex Raymond (#4) and by Fred Dickens and John Prentice (#5, #7, #11-#14); "Agente Segreto X-9" (Secret Agent X-9) by Mel Graff (#8, 10); "Cino e Franco" (Tim Tyler's Luck) by Lyman and Bob Young (#6); and "Bat Star" (Brick Bradford) by Paul Norris (#1-#6, #8-#14).

The series was released in color with a 17 x 24 cm format, each issue contents 80 pages. All the covers were by Mario Caria. Noteworthy, a translated English text from dialogues of the main story was written below the comics panels for the "Mandrake" and "Phantom" stories.


For the Phantom issues see PhantomWiki: I Giganti

Super Albo - Raccolta

At least two supplement album was released with the "I Giganti" series. The Super Albo - Raccolta, with subtitle Supplemento al N# di "I Giganti", was unsold copies from the Super Albo series glued together and with a new cover.

Second series

In 1968, a second "I Giganti" series was published by the editor. This time featuring comics exclusively inspired from classical books like: "L'ultimo dei Mohicani", "Il corsaro rosso", "Ben-Hur". With art by Spaish artist, including Jaime Forns and A. Guerrero. Some stories, as "I tre moschettieri", was already published by Seat (Assi dell'Avventura from 1966). The second series run for 6 issues.