Mandrake Selezione

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Mandrake Selezione
First issue
Country/language: Mini italy.gif Italy / Italian
Publishing company: Fratelli Spada
Publishing years: 1976-1979
Issues: 19
Format: 19x13 cm, color

Issue overview

Mandrake Selezione was an Italian comic book dedicated to Mandrake and published from November 1976 to December 1979. A similar series, entitled "Phantom Selezione", was also published by Fratelli Spada for featuring "The Phantom".

The stories in Mandrake Selezione were mainly dailies by Fred Fredericks, except one Sunday story and one reprint of a Fratelli Spada story. The series also printed various back-up stories such as: "Secret Agent X9", "Big Ben Bolt", "Captain Kate", "Cino e Franco (Tim Tyler's Luck)", "Cisco Kid", "Flash Gordon" and "Rip Kirby".

Regular series

Album series

Unsold issues of the series were later collected into Super Mandrake albums with new covers.