Edizioni Aurelia

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Casa Editrice Adriana
Edizioni Aurelia
Biographical information
Country: Mini italy.gif Italy

Late 1952 the publisher Adriana changed the name to Edizioni Aurelia.

Serialized "Mandrake" titles

Title Year(s) Issues Note
Albo Traguardo 1952-1953 20 (of 55)
Raccolta collana grandi personaggi 1952 ? Albums from the "Albo Traguardo" series
Albo Azzurro 1952 2 (of 5?) Supplemento albums for the "Albo Traguardo" series
Albo Furore 1953-1954 20
Raccolta Albo Furore 1954 ? Albums from the "Albo Furore" series