Enciclopedia dei fumetti

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Enciclopedia dei fumetti
First issue
Country/language: Mini italy.gif Italy / Italian
Publishing company: Sansoni Editore
Publishing years: 1970
Issues: 40
Format: 24 x 30,9 cm

Enciclopedia dei fumetti was published by Sansoni Editore in Italy.

Issue overview

Regular series

40 issues of Enciclopedia dei fumetti was published weekly from March 12 to December 17 1970. The size is 24x30,9 cm with 16 to 20 pages. In each issue one or two characters are presented with a bibliography on the author and a story to present the character. Among them: "L’Uomo Mascherato", "Mandrake", "Flash Gordon", "Jim della Giungla", "Cino e Franco", "Tarzan", "Krazy Kat" and on.

Special editions

A book was published with new edition of the articles by Gaetano Strazzulla, without the stories to present the character. The book "I fumetti" is 298 pages and measures 11 x 18 cm. It was reserved for subscribers of "Enciclopedia dei fumetti".

Collector binder

This is the second edition of the series, with different covers for the individual issues. They could be collected into two collector binders which fit into a separate collection box. A poster of Snoopy exists, which was probably part of this package.

Hardcover volumes

Ten issues

The edition is similar to the Collector binder variant, but collected into ten titles with illustrated covers.

Five issues

The edition is similar to the Collector binder variant, but collected into five titles then be collected into a collector's box.

With illustrated covers

The final edition of this collection does not appear to have been published in its entirety. The only known example consists of a book collecting the first three books of the earlier series of ten books.

Mandrake references in Enciclopedia dei fumetti

  • Constanzo Costantini: Mandrake anti-Bond, in "Il Messaggero", Roma, May 10 1965.
  • Carlo Della Corte: Gordon e Mandrake preannunziarono la fantascienza, in "Italia Domani", Roma, November 8 1959.
  • Carlo Della Corte: I fumetti, Mondadori, Milano, 1961.
  • Carlo Della Corte: Il misterioso Mandrake, introduction to "Mandrake", Editoriale Corno, Milano, 1968.
  • Franco Fossati: Mandrake, in "Il Corriere Mercantile", Genoa, October 20 1967.
  • Vittorio Spinazzola: Mille violini per Narda, in "Linus" no. 8, Milano, November 1965.
  • Gaetano Strazzulla: I fumetti, Sansoni, Firenze, 1970