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I fumetti più belli del mondo!
First issue
Country/language: Mini italy.gif Italy / Italian
Publishing company: Edizione Produzione Cartoon
Publishing years: 1982-2000
Issues: 200
Format: 21,4×27,7 cm, b/w and color

Issue overview

Regular series

The best comics in the world! are written a top of the main title L'Eternauta. The comic magazine was founded in March 1982 by Edizione Produzione Cartoon (EPC) even if there is a zero issue published at the International Exhibition of Comics Lucca in October 1980.

The magazine immediately showed a natural predilection for the South American comics, especially the Argentinian artists. In addition to the South American artists (A. Breccia, Altuna, Mandrafina, Oesterheld, Lopez), the publication also includes many Spanish artists (Font, Segrelles, Bernet) and Italian (Toppi, Serpieri but also artists formed by the Argentina school as Zanotto and Pratt)

The title "L'Eternauta" gives a clear indication of the orientation of the magazine referring to one of the most famous and popular Argentine comic L'Eternauta by Oesterheld and Lopez.

The print quality is very high, with excellent reproductions and excellent paper. L'Eternauta is clearly dedicated to adult readers and definitely not for children, but despite this the editors preferred to censor some pages to avoid restrict sales to only adults. One may well happen to see beautiful pages of "Druuna" by Serpieri" or "Slot-Machine" by Altuna, just to name a few, badly inked on 'strategic' points or obscured by baloons due to self-censorship.

Under the direction of Alvaro Zerbini EPC published 59 issues (February 1988) of the magazine, then Comic Art became the publisher. The first 148 issues presented comics by various artists, often published as parts spanning over several issues. From issue 149 L'Eternauta presented indipendent books dedicated to a single comics by one artist.

Issues with Mandrake

Each issue from #45 to #54 printed one page with Mandrake.


L'Eternauta was reprinted in Raccolta L'Eternauta, 3 issues in each album.

Issues with Mandrake

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