New Comics Now

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New Comics Now
First issue
Country/language: Mini italy.gif Italy / Italian
Publishing company: Comic Art
Publishing years: 1978-1998 (?)
Issues: 406
Format: 24×32 cm, b/w and color

Issue overview

Regular series

The series featured reprints of daily and Sundays strips of American comics. Althought the series is numbered for the "New Comics Now" title it is split into several sub series:

  • "Clown" by Doré and Attalo
  • "Dick Tracy" by Chester Gould, Collins and Locher
  • "Flash Gordon" by Briggs, Dan Barry (and Fujitanti)
  • "Grandi Firme" by Wallace Wood, Berni Wrightson, Moebius, Dubos and Pichard, Lob and Pichard, Bonvi
  • "Mandrake" by Lee Falk, Phil Davis and Fred Fredericks
  • "The Phantom" by Lee Falk, Ray Moore, Wilson McCoy, Sy Barry
  • "Phil Corrigan" by Lubbers, Goodwin and Williamson, Evans
  • "Popeye" by Segar
  • "Rip Kirby" by Fred Dickenson and John Prentice
  • "Tim Tyler's Luck" by Lyman Young
  • "Topolino (Mickey Mouse)" by various

These intensive reprinting, trying to respect chronological publishing but often with an erratic order of issues, is of a specific interest for comics collectors. What may appear confusing with this series is the fact that some publication dates do not follow the numbering order. Furthermore, some issues were sold out and then reprinted with a new publishing date.

Mandrake issues

Magic Moments

  • "Magic Moments" is a sub series of "New Comics Now" with new versiones of previous printed stories and first editions or reprints from other series:
  • 18 "Brick Bradford", Il viaggio nella moneta by W. Ritt and C. Gray (reprint).
  • 43 "Brick Bradford", La fortezza di Alamoot by W. Ritt and C. Gray (reprint).
  • 44 "Brick Bradford", Il mostro d’acciaio by W. Ritt and C. Gray (reprint).
  • 36 "Cino e Franco", Sotto la bandiera del Re della Giungla, La misteriosa fiamma della Regina Loana and La pattuglia dell’avorio by L. Young (first print).
  • 121 "Dickie Dare", daily strips 1933/34 by Milton Caniff (first print).
  • 265 "Mandrake", Il mondo sconosciuto and Il castello di Telba by Falk and Davis (reprint).

Mandrake issues