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Mandrake has been featured in several publications in Chile. These lists could contain incorrect classifications, please correct any found error.

Serialized "Mandrake" titles

Title Year(s) Issues
Mandrake el mago 1968-1969 20

As backup title

Title Year Issue(s)
Pulgarcito 1937-1955 ? (908 in total)
Okey 1949-1965 (799 in total for first series and 39 for second series)
El Fantasma 1966-1967 3 (24 in total)
Flash Gordon 1966-1967 3 (20 in total)
Aladino 1949-?? ? (98 in total)

In newspapers

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Title Sundays/dailies Period Comment
La Tercera dailies/Sundays 1975 - ? In Sunday Supplement