Mandrake Selezione 5

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Mandrake Selezione #5
Cover artist: Mario Caria
Country/language: Mini italy.gif Italy / Italian
Format: 19 x 13 cm
Pages: 162 pgs, color and b/w
Publishing date: August, 1977
Editor: Guiseppe Spada
Publishing company: Fratelli Spada
Preceded by: Mandrake Selezione #4
Followed by: Mandrake Selezione #6


Mandrake stories

Other stories

  • "Capitan Kate", Nel covo dei pirati by Jerry and Hale Skelly.
  • "Gervasio" by Carlo Peroni (Perogatt).
  • "Dick, il cannoniere", Un caso di doping by Alfred Grassi and Jose Luis Salinas.


  • Stickers with Mandrake and Flash Gordon. Note: Two different Mandrake/Gordon stickers from this issue are known.


Original art

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