Domenico Mirabella

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Domenico Mirabella
D. Mirabella.jpg
Biographical information
Born: September 29, 1929.
Died: 1976
Nationality: Mini italy.gif Italian
Occupation: Artist/
Cover artist
Website: n/a


Domenico Mirabella (aka D. Mira) is an Italian artist.

In an issue of "Occhio Cupo" (edizioni Audace) from 1948 Galep had a column, "Galep risponde", where he reviewed drawings sent to him by young readers eager to become comic book artists. One of the drawings was from "Siracusa" by Domenico Mirabella.

For the "Fratelli Spada" publications in the 60s, he drew several stories and llustrated covers which were also later retaken in the French "Editions des Remparts" Mandrake issues.

One of his drawn story ("Il malvagio venuto dallo spazio") has been published in America (in "Mandrake the Magician #9") and in United Kingdom (in "Uncanny Tales #96)" under the title name "Terror from Outer Space".

In the early 70s he collaborated occasionally with the Di Vitto brothers on "Sartana (Joe Colt)". He also drew two Italian comic-books: "Lak, il giustiziere dello spazio" in 1970/1971 and "Karatè" (written by Mario Pedrazzi) in 1975. Later he did several stories for the German comics "Gespenster Geschichten" and "Spuk Geschichten".

Mandrake work by Domenico Mirabella


Drawing Technique

Most of the stories by Mirabella are traced art by Phil Davis and other artists, and appears more like a collage with a little extra ink to tie the drawing together. It looks like he was using a Light table or a kind of Opaque projector like an art-o-graph in making his art work.

Mandrake covers by Domenico Mirabella (featuring Mandrake only)

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Fratelli Spada covers

Mandrake - Il Vascello/Albi de Il Vascello

Mandrake - Albi de Il Vascello - nouvo serie

I Classici dell'Avventura

Super Albo

Editions des Remparts covers

Mandrake - Mondes Mystérieux

Spécial Mandrake

Original art by Domenico Mirabella for Mandrake covers

Other illustrations