Les héros du mystère

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Les héros du mystère
Les heros du mystere 01.jpg
First issue
Country/language: Mini france.gif France / French
Publishing company: Les Editions des Remparts
Publishing years: 1967–1969
Issues: 22
Format: 15×21 cm,
b/w(/r) & color

Les héros du mystère was a monthly French series edited by Les Editions des Remparts between March 1967 and March 1969.

Issue overview

The series was based on the Italian I Classici dell'Avventura issues previously published by Fratelli Spada. However, it's worth to notice that the original Italian series had many more issues featuring Mandrake as well as The Phantom stories.

22 regular issues were published (each one with 100 pages from issue #1 to 19 and with 132 pages from issue #20 to 22). A publishing stop of four months occured between issue #19 (September 1968) and issue # 20 (January 1969).

Most of Mandrake the Magician material featured reprints of the original stories drawn by Phil Davis and Fred Fredericks but some Italian stories were also published. Mandrake stories frequently occupied only 30 or 40 pages and the remaining pages were devoted to other comics, including "Secret Agent X-9", "Brick Bradford", "Black Fury" and "Kid Montana".

Regular series


7 albums, consisting of unsold copies, were later released.

Sélection héros du mystère

2 Selected albums, consisting of unsold copies, were later released.

Extra issues

Three unnumbered extra issues (each one with 132 pages) especially released in order to coincide with main French school holidays.