Janus Stark (Mon Journal)

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Mon Journal
Janus Stark
Janus Stark-001.jpg
First issue
Country/language: Mini france.gif France / French
Publishing company: Aventures et Voyages
Publishing years: 1973-1990
Issues: 135
Format: 13×18 cm, b/w

Issue overview

Janus Stark was a French comic books series by the publisher Aventures et Voyages, as part of their Mon Journal collection. 135 issues were published from July 1973 to March 1990.

Regular series

Issues with Mandrake

"Mandrake the Magician" only appears as backup title in issues 126 to 135 under covers drawn by Guido Zamperoni, but only one of these covers (issue #127) is featuring Mandrake.

Special issues

In 1986-1987 3 spécial issues were released, where #1 was a reprint of #34 from the egular series and #3 reprint of #8.


Unsold copies were later glued together and sold as "albums", each containing 3 issues of the series. However, totally different original issues are sometimes included under the same album cover. Besides, in these albums, the issues are not always following their correct original order. Total 46 albums were released from the regular series and one album with the 3 spécial issues.

Issues with Mandrake