Aventures et Mystère(s)

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Aventures et Mystère
Aventures et Mystères
First issue 1947
Country/language: Mini france.gif France / French
Publishing company: Librairie Moderne
Editions S.A.G.E
Publishing years: 1938-1940
Issues: 24

Issue overview

Regular series

The series started in February 1938 and run for 24 issues to 1940. 17 issues were devoted to "The Phantom" and 7 to Secret Agent X-9.

Second series

The series restarted after WWII and runs 150 issues from January 1947 to October 1952. Until issue #119, the series was published in one 21 x 29 cm horizontal format - usually called “Italian format” – and was entitled “Aventures et mystère” (last noun in singular). Each issue of the first part had 8 pages. The series could be split into various figures: "Agent secret X-9", "Amok", "Bronc Peeler", "Le Fantôme du Bengale", "Flèche Ecarlate", "Jim la jungle", "Mandrake", "Raoul et Gaston", "Le roi de la prairie" and "Yorga".

Mandrake issues

Aventures et Mystères

From issue #120, the format became vertical (size 18 x 27 cm up to 132 and finally 15 x 20 cm to the end ) and the titled changed for "Aventures et mystères" (nouns both plural). Furthermore, one large generic name of the character, here "Mandrake roi de la magie" (Mandrake King of Magic), is featured on the covers. Each issue of this second part of the series has 12 pages until issue #131 and 20 pages from issue #132 till the end.

The series now altering between "Mandrake" and "Le Roi de la Prairie". Note: an issue #151 ("Mission Accomplished", A "King of the Mounted Police story") has been announced, but seems never to have been published.

Mandrake issues


Unsold issues of Aventures et Mystères were later glued together with a new cover and sold as albums.

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