Les Editions de la Porte Dorée

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"Les Editions de la Porte Dorée" is a French publisher, specialized in editing works (mainly novels), on individual request of people seeking to be self-published at "author's account" - that is to say outside of any traditional publishing houses.

As far as "Mandrake the Magician" is concerned, it seems that one collector asked some reprints of Sunday Pages, translated in French. The stories rather look like photocopied from some other color publications; the whole aspect remains pleasant.

In September 2015, at least two books have been edited in that way but in a very few copies (each of them in 12 numbered copies only). However a total of several published issues is mentioned on the back cover of those issues, with a mention of other future issues, but it remains uncertain what really exist or not. List of these issues:

  • mentionned as "already released" : 1962-1965 (2 volumes) 1965-1973 (6 volumes)
  • mentionned as "next releases: 1944-1946 (probably in 2 volumes), 1946 to 1962 (several volumes).

Issue overview