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(La) Collection à 8 Francs ("Franc" was the French currency before the euro) was a French comic books series, released - without any numbering – from 1944 to 1946 by Editions S.A.G.E, better known for its "Aventures et Mystère" series.

Issue overview

Regular series

The issues were presented in an oblong format of 26,5 × 17 cm. Their selling price was “8 Francs”, a rather inexpensive cost, but in return the pagination was rather poor (8 pages in black & white). The covers have a distinctive look, being illustrated with colored strips directly taken from the comics. It is noteworthy that the words "Collection à 8 Francs" are not necessary indicated on the front page but the short abbreviation "Prix: 8 F" (Price: 8 F) is always mentionned. As paper production was stricted after the World War II, the classical full mage of the cover has been reduced and is accompanied with the first panels of the story in order to reduce the paper used.

The series featured comics such as: "Alain la Foudre (Dick Fulmine)" by Vincenzo Baggiol and Carlo Cossio (24 issues), "Le Bolide Fantôme" by Vittorio Cossio (1 issue), "Le Fantôme du Bengale (The Phantom)" by Lee Falk and Ray Moore (7 issues), "Jacky Détective" by Coulton Waugh (4 issues), "Jim la Jungle (Jungle Jim)" by Don Moore and Alex Raymond (4 issues), "Le Lone Ranger (The Lone Ranger)" by Charles Flanders and Fran Striker (4 issues), "Mandrake" by Lee Falk and Phil Davis (4 issues), "Raoul et Gaston (Tim Tyler's Luck)" by Lyman Young (9 issues), "Risque Tout" by Rodaly (2 issues) and "X 9 (Secret Agent X-9)" by Charles Flanders and Robert Storm (7 issues). In a total of 66 comic-books, only a few were devoted to Mandrake the Magician.

Issues with Mandrake


At least, two albums were made in 1945-1946 with ten previous issues being put together.

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