Germano Ferri

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Germano Ferri
Biographical information
Born: December 3, 1936 in Pesaro, Italy
Died: December 19, 2021
Nationality: Mini italy.gif Italian
Occupation: Cover artist and Artist,
Website: n/a

Germano Ferri is an Italian comics artist.


Ferri was the most popular and the most productive artist that produced Phantom stories for Fratelli Spada in Italy. For Mandrake he did several covers and one Mandrake story, which he presumably wrote himself.

Mandrake stories by Germano Ferri

Fratelli Spada stories

Mandrake - Il Vascello

Year Original title Pages note
1970 "Narda allo sbaraglio" 24 hidden signature

Mandrake covers by Germano Ferri (featuring Mandrake only)

Fratelli Spada covers

Mandrake - Il Vascello

Mandrake - I Classici dell'Avventura

Editions des Remparts covers

Mandrake - Mondes Mystérieux

Others Editions covers

Mandrake Magazine / Mandrake

Mandrake el Mago (Lord Cochrane)

Original art by Germano Ferri for Mandrake covers