L'Adige Fumetti

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L'Adige Fumetti
First issue
Country/language: Mini italy.gif Italy / Italian
Publishing company: N.E.T.
Publishing years: 1990
Issues: 5
Format: 22.5 × 30 cm, b/w

L'Adige Fumetti is an Italian publication by Nuova Editrice Trentina published in 1990.


L'Adige Fumetti, with each issue dedicated to a classic American comic hero, was released as an insert of the daily newspaper "L'Adige" based in the city of Trento (Province of Trento) and founded in 1946, being the most read newspaper in the region. The covers of the five issues published in 1990 mention that they are "supplements to today's issue of Adige courtesy of "Editrice Comic Art" of Rome".

Issue overview

  1. "Flash Gordon", I barbari by Dan Barry and Fujitani.
  2. "Phantom", Le olimpiadi della giungla by Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy.
  3. "Popeye" by E C Segar.
  4. "Mandrake", Il mistero delle sette dune by Lee Falk and Phil Davis.
  5. "Popeye" by E C Segar.

Cover overview