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First issue
Country/language: Mini italy.gif Italy / Italian
Publishing company: Mario Nerbini
Publishing years: 1937-194

Giungla! started as a monthly magazine published by Casa Editrice G. Mario Nerbini in Italy in 1937, when it replaced "Il piccolo Avventuroso" a supplement for L'Avventuroso.

Issue overview

Regular series

"Giungla! rivista mensile di letture avventurose, misteriose e poliziesche" printed illustrated prose stories by various writers and artists. The series printed comic stories by Giorgio Scudellar in issues 1, 2 and 3. The series started as a monthly supplement series of L'Avventuroso in July, 1937. The series have 32 pages and measures 19x26 cm. It did run for 6 issues, ending in December, 1937. The covers were made by Giove Toppi.

Second series

In 1938 "Giungla!" absorbs the magazine "Il giornale di Cino e Franco" and continued the numbering from this magazine weekly as Giungla! Il giornale di Cino e Franco. Issue 127 (January 9, 1938) was the first issue of this series and it run til #220 (October 22, 1939).

The series printed various comics such as: "Annibale" (Just Kids) by Ad Carter; "Cino e Franco" (Tim Tyler's Luck) by Lyman Young; "Il solitario della foresta" (Lone Ranger) by Frank Strike and Charles Flanders; "Romolo" by Giorgio Scudellari; "Pisellino" by A Burattini; "Frugolino" by Vittorio Cossio; "Jim della giungla" (Jungle Jim) by Alex and James Raymond; "Il principe Valentino" (Prince Valiant) by Harold Roudolph Foster; "Mandrake" by Lee Falk and Phil Davis; "Cartouche" by Paolo Lorenzini and Guido Fantoni; "Ming Fu" by N. Afonski; "Ispettore Enrico Wade" (Inspector Wade); "Bob Star" (Red Barry) by Will Gould; "Argento Vivo" by R. Chiarelli and A. De Santis; "Radiopattuglia" (Radio Patrol) by Sullivan and C. Schmidt; and several other comics by Italian artists.

Issues 127-162 measures 29x40 cm and have 10 pgs, and from #163: 32,5x46,5 cm and 8 pgs.

issues with Mandrake

Title US Title Issues Note
"La mummia vivente" "The Slave Traders of Tygandi" #127, #128, #129, #130 and #131
"Un mondo sconosciuto" "Mandrake in the Lost World" #132, #133, #134, #135, #136, #137, #138, #139, #140, #141, #142, #143, #144, #145, #146, #147, #148, #149, #150 and #151
"Nelle spire del Cobra" "In the Cobra's Grip" #152, #153, #154, #155, #156, #157, #158, #159, #160, #161, #162, #163, #164, #165, #166, #167, #168, #169, #170 and #171

Giungla! settimanale d'avventure

A third series of "Giungla!" absorbs the magazine Pisellino in 1941 and run weekly for 28 issues (#16 - #43).


The series was reprinted in the mid 70's:

  • Anno I vol I, reprinted issues 127 to 144.
  • Anno II vol II, reprinted issues 145 to 162.
  • Anno II vol III, reprinted issues 163 to 180.
  • Anno III vol IV, reprinted issues 181 to 198.