Guido Fantoni

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Guido Fantoni
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Biographical information
Born: 21 December 1892
Died: 23 April 1957
Nationality: Mini italy.gif Italian
Occupation: Artist


Fantoni started his work for Nerbini in 1937. He was the artist and writer of numerous stories in the magazines "L'Avventuroso", "Giungla" and "Giungla mensile".

Most of his stories was reprinted in albums before and after World War II.

After the war, Mario and Liliana started to work with their father. Guido Fantoni draw the general story with help from Mario, Liliana did the lettering and mainly draw the female figures. Even Liliana's future husband, the sculptor Giuseppe Madonia, helped out with some translation from english if necessary.

Mandrake Stories

# Original title Pages Writer Artist Year
1 "La ballerina rapita" 15 ?? Guido Fantoni 1949
2 "La banda delle scommesse" 15 ?? Guido Fantoni 1949
3 "Il dramma di White Valley" 64 ?? Guido Fantoni 1949
4 "Uno spettacolo di Gala" 40 ?? Guido Fantoni 1949
5 "Il castello delle Azzorre" ?? ?? Guido Fantoni 1950


(*) for "Mistero comics-08": see note at the issue page.

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