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Eureka Pocket
First issue
Country/language: Mini italy.gif Italy / Italian
Publishing company: Editoriale Corno
Publishing years: 1968–1984
Issues: 82
Format: 13×18 cm, b/w

Eureka Pocket is an Italian publication by Editoriale Corno, published between 1968 and 1984.


After a first volume devoted to "L'uomo Mascherato" (The Phantom) by Lee Falk and Ray Moore, the second volume of the series features the first three Mandrake daily stories. They were followed by volumes devoted to "Flash Gordon", "Agente Segreto X9", "Cino e Franco", "Radio Pattuglia", "Brick Bradford" and others. A total of 82 issues was released, one with Mandrake the Magician.

Issue overview

Issues with Mandrake