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Similar to souvenirs memorabilia are objects treasured for their memories. Unlike souvenirs memorabilia are valued for a connection to an event, in this case to Mandrake the Magician. Mandrake memorabilia include collectables as: pins, postcards, posters, movie memorabilia, refrigerator magnets, miniature figures, games, comics related merchandise, plus many others.


Candies and Toy

Candies and Toy box with KFS figures was issued by the Super Novelty Candy Co Newark, New Jersey in the 50s. They has a punch out card of the KFS figure on the front and panel comic strip on the back (4 panels from a Sunday page that continues from box to box). A similar box with Beetle Bailey have two Swiss Warbler bird call toys inside. A similar box with Popeye are numbered and have additional character images on side panels.

Cartão de Identidade dos Heróis

This ID card series started as an incert in EBAL's annual albums for 1971. Each almanaque had 4 numbered cards with different comics characters. One side with a picture, name, real name, parents, home, sivil status, fingerprint and signature of each character. On the back each card had the characters' historical data, friends, enemies and in which magazines the charactrers were printed. Each card meassured 11.9 x 15.4 cm.

The cards were supplement in Almanaque Reis do Faroeste: 1 Tarzan, 2 Cheyenne, 3 Judoka, 4 Senhor Fantástico; Almanaque O Homem-Aranha: 5 Coisa, 7 Moça Maravilha, 6 Ricardito, 8 Tocha Humana; Almanaque Superboy: 9 Fantomas, 10 Aqualad, 11 Kid Flash, 12 Flash; Almanaque Batman: 13 Aquaman, 14 Louis Lane, 15 Robin, 16 Matt Dillon; Almanaque Superman: 17 Cavaleiro Solitário, 18 Tonto, 19 Hulk, 20 Superman; Almanaque Zorro: 21 Homem-Aranha, 22 Thor, 23 Demolidor, 24 Arqueiro Verde; Almanaque Tarzan: 25 Supergirl, 26 Mulher Invisível, 27 Homem de Ferro, 28 Jimmy Olsen; Almanaque Invictus: 29 Namor, 30 Batman, 31 Capitão América, 32 Brett MacDonald.

The publisher continued the ID card series selling small envelopes with 3 cards inside for R $ 15.00 each:

33 Brucutu, 34 Mandrake, 35 Falão, 36 Buck Rogers, 37 Gavião Negro, 38 Wolverine, 39 Jerry Lewis, 40 Solar, 41 Batgirl, 42 Modesty Blaise, 43 Motoqueiro Fantasma, 44 Flash Gordon, 45 Nick Holmes, 46 Mulher Maravilha, 47 Lanterna Verde, 48 Fantasma, 49 Elektron, 50 Átomo, 51 Agente Secreto X-9, 52 Capitão Kirk, 53 Capitão Marvel, 54 Brick Bradford, 55 Pantera Negra, 56 Capitão Marvel, 57 Dr Estranho, 58 Ajax o Marciano, 59 Tex Willer, 60 Luke Skywalker, 61 Gata, 62 Xerife King, 63 Medusa, 64 Black Cat, 65 Raio Negro, 66 Terry Lee, 67 Lobo, 68 Johnny Hazard, 69 Mercúrio, 70 Ben Cartwright, 71 Gavião Arqueiro, 72 Feiticeira Escarlate, 73 Conan, 74 Lothar, 75 Vespa, 76 Kelly Green, 77 Paladino, 78 Steve Canyon and 79 Popeye.

Grandes Personajes del Comic

To promote Fidestonic (a tonic) the Spanish company Laboratorios Fides issued a "Grandes Personajes del Comic" series featuring comic characters. Known characters are: "Mandrake", "Principe Valiente", "Flash Gordon", "El Hombre Enmascarado", "Agente Secreto Corrigan", "Betty Boop". The cards measure 24x17 cm and have a small description of the character on the reverse. The cards are from 1974 (or 1973 ?).

Premium Cards

Premium card from Burger King 1965.

Response Cards

Response card for letters to King Comics in 1967. Characters: Mandrake , Flash Gordon and The Phantom.

Postal Card

  • Card printed by Swiss comics club from Geneva "( Genève) in 1982. Size 10,5 x15,5 cms in a total of 48 copies that could be send though usual postal mail. In a smaller format, black and white version of the "King Features Syndicate" "Phantom Wedding poster" by "Sy Barry".

Mandrake the Magician Collector Cards

Promo card for the planned (and later canceled !) "Mandrake the Magician Collector Cards" by Comic Images from 1995. The text on the back of the card talks about the upcoming set:

  • 90 collector cards (Marvel art, classic art, magical bonuses),
  • 6 spectacular Chromium Cards,
  • A rear 3 subset of Marvel Comics art,
  • A "24 Karat Gold" Lee Falk signature card,
  • A limited edition Madallion card.

Although this set was canceled a similar set, designed by McNabb Studios, of the Phantom was released:

  • The base set cards were divided into several sections. Cards #1 to 38 were about various characters, locations and history of the character. Cards #39 to 47 were of notable Phantom stories. Cards #48 to 63 depicted issue firsts and foreign issues. Cards #64 to 89 were showcased the Marvel mini-series. Card #90 was the base set check list. The sub sets and specials did not appear on the check list.
  • Sub Sets and Specials: The first sub set was made up of six Chromium Cards with sub set three showcasing various animals from the Phantom comics/ strips. The two special cards was a Medallion Card which were limited and all were numbered, and the Lee Falk 24 Carat Gold card which had Lee Falk's signature in 24 carat gold on it

QSL card

Amateur radio QSL card / Belgian Club (about "QSL" see Wikipedia [1]

Cards Decks

Los Minis de Fournier

Erotic card deck

Mandrake feature on 3 cards in an erotic complete card deck consisting of 48 card:

  • Alley Oop (10♠, 5, 6, 11),
  • Dick Tracy (8♠),
  • Lady Luck (3♠, 2♣, 3♣, 7♣, 6, 12),
  • Little King (4),
  • Maggie (only 9♠, 5) and Jiggs (9♠, 5, 7, 8),
  • Mandrake the Magician (12♠, 11♣, 4),
  • Mutt and Jeff (7, 8♣),
  • Pete the Tramp (11♠, 9♣, 10♣),
  • The Phantom (2♠, 7♠, 5♣),
  • Lord Plushbottom (12♣),
  • Popeye (12, 2) and Olive Oyl (only 2),
  • Smilin’ Jack (4♠, 6♠, 10♣, 1, 3),
  • The Spirit (5♠, 8, 9, 1♣, 7, 10),
  • Superman (9),
  • Tarzan (6♣),
  • Tillie the Toiler (1♠, 1, 2, 3, 10).

The origins of this deck are somewhat uncertain, possibly first made in Cuba in late 30 / early 40s. The oldest ones are in b/w with the 4 different suits written in Spanish: Espada (♠ - Spades), Oro ( - Diamond), Basto (♣ - Clubs) and Copa ( - Hearts). One oddity with this deck is that it does not exist a 4-Basto or a 11-Copa, but there are two different cards with 10-Basto and 7-Copa.

The colored version of this deck looks something newer, and the reverse can be with a blue pattern or just white. It also appears that this deck may have been reprinted in recent years, both with Spanish and Italian text (Spade, Denari, Bastoni and Coppe).

There is some evidence that different decks may have existed in the 40s with another numbering and sometimes with other illustrations. It exists black and white single cards where the 4 suits is written slightly differently: Espadas, Oros, Bastos and Copas, with another numbering and sometimes other illustrations.

Clothing Articles & Accessories

Cloth Patch

Gandalf Products (?)

In the 1970s several embroidered cloth patch featuring comic characters were made, among them also one featuring "Mandrake the Magician". Comparing this one with other patches one find similar patches with KFS © below the character for "The Phantom", "Prince Valiant", "The Little King", "Felix", "Snuffy Smith", "Maw Smith", "Jugheid", "Beetle Bailey" and "Sarge". Interesting is that the pictures of "Mandrake the Magician" and "The Phantom" are the same as the logo used on the Sunday pages in the 1950s.

The ones with "Popeye", "Olive Oyl", "Swee'Pea", "Wimpy" and "Brutus" all have © KFS below the characters and some of them exists with different background colors. "Dondi", "Moon Mullins", "Henry", "Little Orphan Annie" and "her dog" have just the © and "Dick Tracy" has © NYS. "Flash Gordon" differs by a square format and has © KFS on it.

Various comic books from Western Publishing Company in the years 1972 to 1976 have ads from Gandalf Products Co (New York, N.Y.) featuring the patches of "Flash Gordon, "Popeye" and "Felix". Looking at the original packaging, it seems that those patches marked with KFS © are the oldest and was sold by Three Fish Inc (Atlanta, Georgia). These were sold as "Stick-A-Patch" and probably had some kind of glue on the back.

Most "Stick-A-Patch" have no copyright year printed on the packaging, but quite recently a patch with "The Phantom" with the original packaging has printed © 1972 on it. Some patches have other packaging like "Americas Most Wanted Emblems" and "Swiss Embroidered Emblem" and is intended for sewing instead of sticking on something.

Moon Patches (?)



Pocket Watch


Famous Comics - Candy & Toy

Issued early 1960's by Phoenix Candy Co (Brooklyn NY). Each front features different classic comic character such as: "Beetle Bailey", "Cap'n of Katzenjamer Kids" "Henry", "Katzenjammer Kids", "Mandrake the Magician", Snuffy Smith, while backs have "Color By The Number" panels.

Coloring Book

Coloring book made by Ottenheimer Publishers Inc in 1965, with pictures lifted (?) from Phil Davis art. In 1968 the Portuguese publisher Palirex reprinted this issue as: Mandrake, O Mágico - Livro Para Colorir. A similar coloring book was made for the Phantom.

Crosswords magazine

Crosswords magazine from Brazil ("Fama Communicaçoes", editor: Faruk El-Khatib / 1996)

Discount coupons

Santi Renato, an Italian confectionery company from Napoli, released several discount coupons with comic characters on the obverse. The reverse has facsimile of an Italian 500, 1000 or 5000 Lire note. At least 3 different discount coupon notes were made. Similar discount coupon were made with football players from the 1974/75 championship, "La Favola di Pinocchio" and bullfighting motive.


Board Games

Juego El Tony

Cartas de la Loteria de Paquito

A Mexican Bingo game with illustrated cards issued in the Mexican magazine Paquito in the 40s (?). The original game have 54 different cards with a assigned name and number. In addition there are several different boards with 4x4 grid of random created pictures, corresponding the card deck. This one have boards with 3x3 grid, and 36 (?) cards.

To play the game each player is given a board (or several boards). The caller shuffles the deck and the picks one and one card, announcing them by their names. The players mark of the matching card on their boards. If a row, column, diagonal pattern or a group of squere is completed there is a winner (also have to shout "¡Buena!").


Video games

Comic Art - Holodream Software

In 1994 the Italian publisher Comic Art, in collaboration with Holodream Software, started a series of arcade /adventure video games, devotet to their most popular characters in their comic catalogue.

Four games were released: "Flash Gordon" Il Rapimento di Dale (1994, October), "Mandrake" L'ombra del Cobra (1994, November), "L'Eternauta" Gli Invasori della Città Eterna (1994, December), "Yellow Kid" Circo (1995, January). The magazine L'Eternauta #145 (by Comic Art - May 1995) had a floppy disk as a supplement and two pages inside with install instructions for the four games that had been released.

According to ads these four games was to be followed by: "Flash Gordon" Il Torneo di Mongo (1995, February), "Mandrake" Il Mostro del Passo Tanov (1995, March), "L'Eternauta" La Maledizione del Faraone (1995, April), "Yellow Kid" Tutti Contro l'Accalappiacani (1995, May), but these were never released.

VLT (video lottery terminal) by Cristaltec

Multi-way game released in 2024 by Italian Company "Cristaltec" specialized in slot machines and online lotteries. A similar game featuring "Flash Gordon" was also released by "Cristaltec", both games issued with a specific agreement of "Hearst Holdings Inc."and "King Features Syndicate Division"

  • See also: [2] and [3] Cristaltec website.


Key Rings

Cristalyn Keyrings

Issued in Italy late 70's, probably as part of advertising for the Mandrake and Phantom Selezione series.


Lithograph Print

Issued by Abrams

In 1978, 20 high quality signed lithograph prints and serigraphs on rag-edged paper(approximately 22" x 29"), each limited to 100 prints.

  • "Buzz Sawyer" signed by Mrs. Roy Crane
  • "Kerry Drake" signed by Alfred Andriola
  • "Moon Mullins" signed by Ferd Johnson and Tom Johnson
  • "Mandrake the Magician" signed by Lee Falk and Fred Fredericks
  • "Mary Worth" signed by Ken Ernst and Allen Saunders
  • "Eek and Meek" signed by Howie Schneider
  • "Mutt and Jeff" signed by Al Smith

Issued by Stabur Graphics

Limited Edition Lithograph Print signed by Will Elder (Parody of various comics characters) produced by Stabur Graphics in 1984. The 35 cms diameter circular image is printed on a 43 x 6 cms print sheet. Released in 1.500 pieces.

Lithograph by Swedish artist Carl Johan De Geer

Titled work: "Mandrake finns inte mer" ("Mandrake no longer exists"). Edition 290 copies. Size: 62, 5 x 67 cm.

Magic Kit, Magic trick

Magic Kit

Transogram Company

Nasta Industries Inc

Roberto Banfi Production

Mandrake's Book of Magic

The book was printed in 1944 and was a giveaway /gift to listeners of the Mandrake the Magician Radio Show. There are copies of this book with a sticker attached: "Compliments of Holsum Enriched Bread - listen to - Mandrake the Magician - Station WGH - 5:45-6:00 p.m. - Monday through Friday".

WGH was located in Newport News (Virginia) and aired the Mandrake radio show from 9th of September 1945 to 12th of April 1946.

Bubble Gum

La Giulia

Early 70's the Italian La Giulia issued packs with bubble gum cigarettes featuring pictures with Mandrake. Each pack had six chewing gum cigarettes and a magic tricks printed inside the pack.


La Giulia released a sticker album devoted to the "L'Uomo Mascherato (The Phantom)". The pictures in the story (Phantom contro i pirati) inside were missing 60 parts, which could be completed by adding a sticker. This story is the same as in the German "Abenteuer" released by Americana München (Edizioni Flash) in 1971. At the last page there is mentioned the chewing gum: "Nevada"; the bubble gums: "Mandrake", "Rin Tin Tin", "Bang" and "Tatu"; the lollipops: "Susetta" and "Gelatella". Most likely this is the "Mandrake" bubble gum cigarettes. The "Rin Tin Tin" bubble gum have wrappers with panels from newspaper strips inside. Although all wrappers are marked with July it looks like there were issued three different series. One with single panels in black and white, one with single panels in color, and one with three or four panels in color.

Interesting the picture as on the cover of the sticer album was also used in a bubble gum series with the "Phantom". The panels on these wrappers from are lifted from the Sunday stories "The Lions of Kukhan" and "The Black Gold Pirates" from 1967/1968. These panels do not seem to reproduce the entire stories.

Model trains

In 2005 Walthers Proto Products released eight collectible box cars (model railroad car carrying usually freight) featuring popular comic characters. Serie #7 featured the Tribune Comic Characters Dick Tracy, Litle Orphan Annie, Brenda Starr and Moon Mullins. Serie #8 from October featured the King Features Comics Characters Mandrake the Magician, Betty Boop, The Katzenjamer Kids and Prince Valiant.

Paper figures

Back cover art

The back cover of the Italian comic book "Celebri eroi dell'avventura" #12 has paper figures of Mandrake, Lothar and Betta.

Gran Match

In 1982 the kiosks in Argentine sold the "Album de figuritas Gran Match de los súper famosos". The "paper bag" was shaped as a soccer field and the figures (after cut out and glued ?) were put on to make a soccer game diorama. The figures who made up 20 teams of Argentine football were done by Félix Saborido. Each team had 11 players lifted from famous characters from TV, movies, cartoons, cartoon or pop culture. Some of the players are: Mandrake for "Talleres de Córdoba", Lothar for "Estudiantes de Santiago del Estero", The Phantom for "Racing" and on.

The "Gran Match" was reprinted each year and sold when the schools started in March.


gablog (blog del gabo)


In the mid 80s the concept was modernized and renamed "Canchita". Now the figures looks a bit more like trading cards (players wearing the "Atletico Huracán" football-club T-shirt / size cards: 4 x 5,5 cm ).


Colecciones del fin del mundo - Colecciones nacionales de la década del 80' del universo Marvel

Pins, Pin-back buttons, Gumball Machine Prizes and Magnets

Mandrake Magicians Club

Club pin for Mandrake Magicians Club run by Taystee Bread Company, the sponsor of the Mandrake the Magician Radio Show.

Mandrake's Magic Club

The origin is uncertain but probably the club pin-back button for Mandrake's Magic Club run by a later sponsor of the "Radio Show".

Mandrake's Magic Coin

The origin is uncertain but probably part of the Mandrake's Magic Club Membership Package.

Forties pin

Club Traguardo

Pinback Badge

In the 50s several pinback badge with KFS figures was made, among them Mandrake, Lothar, Dale Arden and The Phantom. Their origin is uncertain but the pictures are similar as the "Gumball Charms" below so the pinbadges were probably cereal premiums or gumball machine prizes about the same time.

Some recently made pin-back buttons:

Pins from Brazil

A set of 34 Lee Falk pins made early 2000 in Brazil. This series was not KFS licenced and only a small number were produced.

Gumball Prizes

In 1959 KFS licensed the Penny King Company to manufacture and sell buttons, rings and lockets, using King Features comic characters.


Phone Cards

In 1997 "Tim" ("Telecom Italia Mobile") has released a series of GSM recharge phone cards with comics, among them: "Flash Gordon", The Phantom and Mandrake.


by Pop Art Portraits

Pop Art Poster

In 1965 Pop Art Portraits (New York City) issued 4 wall posters (about 132x81 cm).

Pop Art Book Covers

Made for students who had to wrap covers around school books. Issued in 1966 by Penn State Industries.

by Russ Cochran Publisher

In 1976 Russ Cochran Publisher (West Plains, Missouri) issued a series of posters with KFS comic characters (Flash Gordon, Jungle Jim, Mandrake).

by Sunset Marketing

Two different posters was distributed by Sunset Marketing (Los Angeles) in 1972. Both measures about 59x89 cm and were made by Gray Morrow.



Slide-square puzzle

In the years 1956 to 1967 the Roalex company (Forest Hills, New York) manufactured several slide-square puzzles. To form a correctly picture of the various TV characters one had to manipulate the tiny plastic sliding tiles. The puzzles were glued to a cardboard backing for stores. The first one is said to be the "Davy Crockett" (Disney 1954-1955 series) puzzle. It pictured three tall figures and one shorter one, and had several possible solutions, and at least one impossible. The follwed similar puzzles with "Mighty Mouse", "Flintstones", "Popeye", "Alvin", "Beverly Hillbillies", "Tintin" (#292) and on.

A few puzzles were made with only a single image, like "Superman", "Batman" (#219), "Astro Boy" (#207), "Atom Ant" (#225), "Fearless Fly" (#226), "Underdog" (#227), "Flash Gordon" (#238), "Space Ghost" (#253), "Green Hornet" (#246), "Frankenstein jr." (#253), "Mandrake the Magician" and on.


Rubber stamp

During the nineteen eighties David Laurence Wilson began exhibiting designs from his rubber stamp company, "Ready-Made Rubber", at the San Diego Comic-Con.


3 Comic Sponges

Made by Ruskin Sponge co. inc. (Philadelphia Pennsylvania), probably early 60s. Set with 3 sponges: Dagwood & Blondie, Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician or Popeye & Olive Oyl.


Statues / Figurines


Fratelli Spada

Italian cross promotions stickers: Avventure Americane #167 1970, the 1976 series; Mandrake Selezione, Phantom Selezione and Gordon.


Brazilian promotions plastic adhesives from mid 60s, to be fixed on windows and car windows without requiring glue. On the covers of various RGE comic books there was a seal with a number:

  • 50 points: Águia Negra, Anjo, Bang-Bang, Flash Gordon, Jerõnimo, Robin Hood, Zezé.
  • 40 points: Brucutu, Búfalo Bill, Capitão Marvel, Cavaleiro Fantasma, Don Chicote, Jack Marlin, Jim das Selvas, Pafúncio, Roskey Lane, Texas Kid.
  • 30 points: Campeões do Oeate, Cavaleiro Negro, Fantasma, Flecha Ligeira, Gugu, Mandrake, Nick Holmes, Recruta Zero.

The plastic adhesives were divided into three series of ten different comic book figures. The reader cut out the seal and when he had collected 100 (first series) or 200 (second and third series) points he could swap the seals with a plastic adhesive.

  • The first series had: Fantasma, Jim das Selvas e Kulu, Recruta Zero e Sargento Tainha, Flash Gordon, Búfalo Bill, Jerõnimo e Moleque Sacy, Família Marvel, Texas Kid, Principe Valente, The RGE logo.
  • The second series had: Jack Marlin, Anjo, Gugu e o Dinossauro, Robin Hood, Cavaleiro Fantasma, Brucutu, Mandrake, Pafúncio e Marocas, Cavaleiro Negro, Zezé.
  • The third series had: Dois Calhambeques dos Heróis, Fantasma e Capeto, Popeye, D. Chiote, Flecha Ligeira, Rockey Lane, Águia Negra, Arizona Kid, Fantasminha.
  • Note. In between the second and third series RGE had a similar plastic adhesive, but with old cars. The points at the seal was changed to 25 for most of the comic books.

There was a second run of comic book plastic adhesives. Now the round cover seal was for 50 points, and each plastic adhesive could be swapped for 500 points. This larger plastic adhesive had: Fantasma e Capeto, Mandrake Recruta Zero, Pafúnico e Marocas, Flash Gordon, Cavaleiro Negro, Brucutu, Flecha Ligeira, Jim das Selvas, Búfalo Bill.

R.L. Albert & Son. Inc (1975)

24 different stickers released by "R.L. Albert & Son. Inc." in 1975

Sticker albums

El Album de los Muñecos

A card album issued by La Estrella (a Cuban chocolate/snack company) about 1939. The album contain 20 pages, each with repeated design around the placeholders for the cards, with a small text presenting the charaters. The first card is a presenting from La Estrella, and three feature photos of Walt Disney, Max Fleischer and E. C. Segar. The other 96 cards have character art from Walt Disney, King Feature among others.

Abenteuer / Adventure Heroes

In 1971 Americana München (Edizioni Flash) released a sticker album with with four stories devoted to: "The Phantom", "Flash Gordon", "Mandrake the Magician" and "Prince Valiant". Inside the album the pictures were missing 240 parts, which could be completed by adding a sticker. The collector bought an envelope with five cards, lifted the sticker from the card and put it on a missing part in the album.

The album was later translated into English (in 1974 ?).

Campeones de la Justicia

A Brazilian sticker album released with 270 various stickers (stamps). Each page has 15 stamps, and the pages are grouped into themes: Justicieros del Oeste (1-45), Legion de Super Heroes (46-75), Campeones de la Selva (76-105), Detectives (106-135), Titanes Planetarios (136-195), Infractores de la Ley (196-225), El Halcon de Oro & Titanes Planetarios (226-240), Ronpecabeza (241-255) and Ultraman (256-270). The last two pages form an image.

At the pages for the Jungle Champions: The Phantom (#94), Diana (#95), Rex (#96). At the pages for the Planetary Titans: Mandrake (#182), Lothar (#183), Jed (#184), Narda (#185) and the Police Chief (#186).

Chapinhas de Ouro

In 1977 the Brazilian Editora Dimensão Cultural released a sticker album with 211 various metalic stickers, among them also one with Mandrake.

Coleção os Maiorais

A Brazilian sticker album released by Editira e Divulgadora "Sadia" ltd in 1967, with 257 various stickers. A similar issue were released in 1968, now with Mandrake as #229.

Álbum Colando e Brincando a Gogo

In 1968 the Brazilian Editora Almex released a sticker album with 240 stickers, among them also Mandrake.

Comic samlar-gnuggisar

Semic released a 21x30 cm sticker album in 1971. The stickers were letraset rub-on transfer of various comics as: "Andy Capp", "Astérix", "Beetle Bailey", "Blondie", "Buffalo Bill", "Dennis the Menace", "Flash Gordon", "The Flintstones", "Hi & Lois", "Huckleberry Hound", "The Jetsons", "Katzenjammer Kids", "Lassie", "Mandrake the Magician", "The Phantom", "Popeye", "Prince Valiant", "The Saint", "Tom & Jerry", "Woody Woodpecker" and "Yogi Bear".

The album has a preface by Sture Hegerfors, the President of the Swedish Cartoon Academy. Over 40 pgs the album presents the figures and the collector was to collect the letraset rub-on transfer to illustrate the pages. Two of the 252 various rub-on transfer have pictures with Mandrake.

There is a Finnish version of this album, Comic keräily-siirtokuvia.

Album Comiquitas de la tele

A sticker album issued by Reyauca in yhe 70s, with 108 different comic characters from Venezuelan television. On the inside is also a page with instructions on how to use the round stickers in games like coin games, something like pitching pennies or coin flipping. The album has to sheet where on could past stickers issues 106-108 two extra times. By completing the album accompanied by the three additional stickers the collector would be able to choose one extra prize (a game or a ball). The collector would recieve the prize when leaving the album in the place where the collector had bought his stickers.

Equipe 69

A sticker album from 1969 from the Brazilian Editora de Cromos Educativos (Ecrome ltda). Inside there is one page with "Heróis de Gibi" and one card with Mandrake. Interesting there is a card on page 22 "Kings of the Ring" with Lothar - the wrestler!


Livro Ilustrado

Issued by RGE in 1979, 35 pages and 256 cards telling the story of The Phantom.

Album de Cromos

In Venezuela editorial Reyauca issued a Spanish version.

Figuritas Babilonia

Issued in Argentina in 1951 and made by "Muñeca Zule" Company with more than 205 various comics stickers.

Figuritas Club De Mickey

Issued in Argentina in 1964 (1965?) with round and square numbered stickers divided into different themes. The main quantity is round stickers with figures taken from the Disney universe. A series of 136 round and square stickers are taken from famous people from television. 84 square stickers has illustrations of magic tricks presented by a character and with detailed description on the back. On some of these stickers, it is Mandrake who presents the magic trick.

Figuritas Comicas

Made in Argentina 1969 with 228 various comics stickers made by Josè Clemens.

Galeria dos Personagens das Histórias em Quadrinhos

In 1977 the Brazilian Editora Vechi S/A released a 36 pgs sticker album. The 210 stickers were various figures from: Tumbleweeds (Kid Farofa), Beetle Bailey (Recruta Zero), Henry (Carequinha), (A Gata Maluca), Tiger (Tigre), Rip Kirby (Nick Holmes), Popeye, Bringing up Father (Pafúncio), The Phantom (Fantasma), Snuffy Smith (Zé Fumaça), Wee Pals (Nossa Turma), Hi and Lois (Zezé e Cia), Flash Gordon, The Katzenjammer Kids (Sobrinhos do Capitão), Felix the Cat (Gato Félix), Nubbin (Nubinho), Redeye (Touro Sentado), Noah's Ark (A Arca de Noé), Prince Valiant (Príncipe Valente), Blondie (Belinda), (Mancada), Tim Tyler's Luck (Tim e Tom), Mandrake, Secret Agent X-9 (Agente Corrigan), Brick Bradford, and a few other figures.

Galeria dos Heróis dos Quadrinhos

In 1978 the Brazilian Editora Vechi S/A released a reprint of the previous sticker album "Galeria dos Personagens das Histórias em Quadrinhos", but with a new cover.

Los Muñequitos

In 1949 a card album "The Most Beautiful Pictures" (Cuban candy compahy) was issued by V.G.Rodriguez in Cuba. The album contains 7 pages, each with placeholders for 20 cards. The 140 cards have character art from comics known from the newspapers "La Marina", "El Mundo", "El País (Cuban newspaper)", "Informacion", "Hoy" and the magazine "Paquin". Once the album completed, the owner could win a set location in Cuba. See page on web site "thephantomfan": [4]

Panterinha de Ouro

Released by Editora Pedro Trota in 1976 with 350 stickers.

Super Gulp ! - fumetti in TV

Released in 1978 with 240 cards / stickers to make the album. The pictures on the stickers completed stories with Mandrake (stickers 1 to 52), L'Uomo Mascherato (the Phantom), Rip Kirby, Cino e Franco (Tim Tyler's Luck) and Flash Gordon. In the middle of the album the stickers competed a poster with Braccio di Ferro (Popeye).

Album de Figurinhas do Mundo Infantil Super Heróis Colecão enciclopédia infantil #1

A Brazilian sticker album released in 19??. 192 various stickers, among them Mandrake and Lothar.

Figurinhas Super Heróis 77

A Brazilian sticker album released in 1977. 272 various stickers, among them Mandrake, Narda and Lothar.

Superraccolta Jumbo Zàini

An Italian sticker album released in 1936 by Lotario Vecchi's SAEV. 30 various stickers with real or fictional characters, among them Mandrake as Drakeman.

Stik-Ons / Put-Ons / Magnetic memo holder

Cartoon TV Pals Stik-Ons

Two sets released in 1975 by King Features and Hanna Barbera, one with Mandrake. During the 70's when self-adhesive stickers were really beginning to be the norm, they referred to them as pressure sensitive, a term that is no longer used. The printed on price is die-cut and stickable, as is the title, Stik-Ons.

TV & Cartoon Characters Put-Ons

T.V. & Cartoon Characters make'em heros with foil PUT-ONS by King Features and Hanna Barbera in 1975. A full box have 48 cards with 3 characters on each card. There are 24 different characters: Bamm Bamm, Pebbles, Fred Flintstone, Wimpy, Olive Oyl, Flash Gordon, Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, Wally Gator, Swee' Pea, Dagwood, Beetle Bailey, Top Cat, Quickdraw McGraw, Dino, Henry, Mandrake, Phantom, Snagglepuss, Magilla Gorilla, Peterpotomus, Popeye, Prince Valiant, and Little Iodine.

The box is marked 5c for 5 cents per 3 character card. The card has 3 characters which can be taken off the card and used as 3 stickers. When they are taken from the card they are like award ribbons and can be stuck anywere.

TV & Cartoon Heroes Magnetic

TV & Cartoon Heroes Magnetic by King Features and Hanna Barbera in 1975. One with Mandrake.


Supplement in Indrajal Comics

Some issues from Indrajal Comics had tattoos supplement of various characters from the series:

Computer accessories



Leon Mandrake

In 1982 Leon Mandrake performed at Robson Square (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada). Included in the program one find a comic book: "Space Time Theatre", about a troupe of travelling entertainers. "Space Time Theatre" was written by Leon Mandrake, and he hoped it one day would see the concept developed for television.

About this time, Steve Jensen worked in a print shop just a few blocks from Mandrake's house in Surrey. This "Space Time Theatre" program is signed to Steve, by Mandrake.

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