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Defenders of the Earth
Marvel dote 1.jpg
First issue
Country/language: Mini usa.gif USA / English
Publishing company: Star Comics
Publishing years: 1987
Issues: 4
Format: 17×26 cm, color

A comic book series based on the "Defenders of the Earth", published by "Star Comics" (an imprint of Marvel Comics).

Issue overview

Regular series

The series was presented in "Marvel Age" #46 (December 1986). It started as a spin-off from the animated television series Defenders of the Earth. Mike Higgins assembled a group to work on the book: Bob Harras to adapt (from the cartoon script) and plotting the stories, Alex Saviuk to do the pencil and Fred Fredericks to do the inking. Stan Lee, who had worked on developing the "Defenders of the Earth" cartoon show, asked if he could script the (first issue) comic book version.

The series was released bi-monthly, starting on January 1987. Under comming attractions "Marvel Age" listed the series up to #6, but only 4 ussues were released. There exists original art for the fifth issue, written by Adam Blaustein and art by James Fry and Mark McKenna.

UK print

The stories were later printed in UK.

2024 paperback reprint

In 2024 the stories are reprinted , in the USA by Mad Cave Studios in a paperback book (see Defenders of the Earth (Mad Cave)) and in Germany by publisher Zauberstern, the latter in their "Flash Gordon" series.