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Country: Mini italy.gif Italy / Italian

SuperGulp! - I fumetti in TV

"SuperGulp! - I fumetti in TV" was an Italian television serial broadcast on RaiDue, which literally brought the comics on TV.


It started as Gulp! - I fumetti in TV in 1972 with 12 episodes from September to December. Three more episodes appeared on television in January 1974. Each episode lasted 15 minutes.

Enriched with new comics and color the series returned as SuperGulp! - I fumetti in TV, with 15 episodes from March to July 1977 and 16 episodes from May to September 1978. Each episode lasted 30 minutes.

The series continued as Buonasera con... SuperGulp! (Good evening with ... SuperGulp!) with 20 episodes in February to March 1979 and 20 episodes March to April 1981. The episodes lasted 35 to 50 minutes.

Mandrake the Magician

Three episodes with Mandrake were made: "Il paese dei fachiri" May 4, 1978), "Caccia al tesoro" (August 17 and 31, 1978) and "Dimensione X" (Mars 1, 1979). Fiorenzo Fiorentini did the voice of Mandrake, Elio Zamuto the voice of Lothar and Sara di Nepi did the voice of the girl(s).

DVD Collection

Beginning January 16 2009 the Italian "La Gazzetta dello Sport" attached a SuperGulp! - I fumetti in TV DVD with their Friday issue. The 16 DVD's contained most of the episodes from the TV serial with some extras. The Mandrake stories in this series are: "Il paese dei fachiri" in issues 1 and 2, "Dimensione X" in issues 10 and 11, "Caccia al tesoro" in issues 15 and 16.

The DVD series was re-release in 2010, now with an extra DVD "Tex Willer" issue (#0).