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Adapted prose stories, illustrated

With original art

Prose stories adapted from daily and Sunday strips illustrated by using some edited pictures from the strips.

Title US series Argentine series Brazilian series
"The Hawk" Better Little Books
Biblioteca Mirim
"The Monster of Tanov Pass" Better Little Books
Biblioteca Mirim
"The Werewolf" Better Little Books
Coleção King
"Visitors from Space" Better Little Books Pequeños Grandes Libros Coleção Gibi
"The Deep South" Better Little Books Pequeños Grandes Libros Biblioteca Mirim
"The Great Grando"
Pequeños Grandes Libros
"The Mirror People"
Pequeños Grandes Libros
"Chamber into the X Dimension"
Grandes Aventuras
"The Flame Pearls" Better Little Books
Coleção Gibi

With new art

Prose story adapted from a Sunday strip with new illustrations.

Title Italian series
"Land of the Fakirs" Gli eroi dell' impossibile

Prose stories

llustrated short stories

In 1941 Taystee Bread, the sponsor of the Mandrake the Magician Radio Show, released six "Mandrake Adventure" leaflets and a colored cover. The collected leaflets formed a story on the meeting of Mandrake and Lothar.

Title Writer/Artist
"Mandrake and the Jungle Giants" ?

In 1950/1952, some prose stories were published (author unknown) in the last King Comics (magazine) featuring Mandrake :

Title Writer
"Sour Grapes / Mandrake the Magician Spots a Thief at the Opera!" ? King Comics 156
"The Deadly Formula / "The Mysterious Case of Kabal and the Deadly P6R 126" ? King Comics 159

Early 1970's Fratelli Spada made 12 illustrated prose stories for their Mandrake - Il Vascello series.

Title Writer
"Una lezione meritata" ?
"Trappola per una ladra" ?
"Un atto di solidarietà" ?
"Rapina al parco" ?
"I dirottatori" ?
"La forza della persuasione" ?
"Quattro chiacchiere per il thè" ?
"Il prepotente" ?
"Morte nel sotterraneo" ?
"La mano del diovolo" ?
"Il miraggio del cercatore" ?
"Rapina in 'la' maggiore" ?

Adapted novels

In the years 1972-1975 "Avon Publications" in the U.S. published 15 novels based on Lee Falk's Phantom stories; "The Ghost Who Walks", "The Mysterious Ambassador", "Killer's Town", "The Vampires and the Witch", "The Curse of the Two-Headed Bull" by Lee Falk, "The Slave Market of Mucar", "The Scorpia Menace" by Basil Copper, "The Veiled Lady", "The Golden Circle", "The Mystery of the Sea Horse", "The Hydra Monster", "The Goggle-Eyed Pirates", "The Swamp Rats" by Frank S. Shawn (pen name of Ron Goulart), "The Island of Dogs" by Warren Shanahan and "The Assassins" by Carson Bingham.

Avon also launched a six-book series of adult-oriented Flash Gordon novels in 1973: "The Lion Men of Mongo", "The Plague of Sound", "The Space Circus", "The Time Trap of Ming XIII", "The Witch Queen of Mongo" and "The War of the Cybernauts". Although the books were credited to Alex Raymond, they were all written by Ron Goulart and Bruce Cassidy.

It is believed that Avon at this time also worked on a similar series with Mandrake, but none was published. One script was translated and published in Spain and Portugal.

Title US Spain Portugal
Chamber into the X Dimension "Mandrake - La dimension X" "Mandrake - Dimensão X"


In 1979 there was made a 100 minutes Mandrake movie by Universal TV. A novel was released based on the movie.

Title Writer
"Mandrake the Magician" Howard Ashman