Mandrake and the Jungle Giants

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Mandrake and the Jungle Giants
1st publication: 1941
# of pages: 3 x 6 pgs
Writer: unknown
Artist: unknown
Producer: Taystee Bread

"Mandrake and the Jungle Giants" is an US made Mandrake prose story from 1941.

A colored cover and six "Mandrake Adventure" leaflets from Taystee Bread form the story:

  • Mandrake Adventure #1 - "The Red Spears of Zimbra"
  • Mandrake Adventure #2 - "The Fire Wizard"
  • Mandrake Adventure #3 - "The Poison Dart"
  • Mandrake Adventure #4 - "Treacherous Waters"
  • Mandrake Adventure #5 - "The Secret Passage"
  • Mandrake Adventure #6 - "The Haunted Sky"

Plot summary

While on safari in Africa Mandrake saved the life of Lothar, Prince of Wambesi.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Umpra, Mandrake's gun bearer
  • Emperor Wotangi, Lothar's father
  • Bogo, a wise old sorcerer and witch doctor


  • Africa
    • Ataka River
    • Armii, Lothar's native village


Behind the scenes