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Donald Magazine is a French weekly comic-book published by Hachette editions.


Every issue of the series is an exact replica of Le Journal de Mickey issue released at the same time, except for the cover devoted to the Donald Duck character and for minor inside changes that does not make sense in the context of the "Donald Magazine" when compared to its "Le Journal de Mickey" contrepart (such pages as summary, subcription orders or allusions to "Mickey Club"). The selling mode remains uncertain as it is sometimes said that it was done only by traveling vendors, however such "door-to-door" sales were generally ended in the eighties.

  • 415 issues were released between 1982 and 1990 (first issue April 30, 1982 / last issue March 28, 1990), with "Mandrake the Magician" featured in 167 issues.

Mandrake stories in "Donald Magazine"

  • Concordance with "Le Journal de Mickey" ("JDM") issues in the second column.
Issue (s) "JDM" Title US title note
82-01 to 82-10 1556-1565 "Le marchand de sable" "The Secret Weapon Caper" beginning missing
82-11 to 82-22 1566-1577 "Les surdoués" "The Mysterious Bureau"
82-23 to 82-35 1578-1590 "Le professeur Dell" "Dr Dell and 8"
82-35 to 83-10 1590-1601 "Crise de l'or" "The Gold Crisis"
83-10 to 83-21 1601-1612 "Les démoniaques" "The Evil Ones"
83-21 to 83-32 1612-1623 "Le siège de Xanadu" "Battle of Xanadu"
83-32 to 83-44 1623-1635 "Le collectionneur" "The Connoisseur"
83-44 to 84-05 1635-1648 "Le cinquième bras des 8" "The Bribe"
84-06 to 84-17 1649-1660 "Le cube de cristal" "The Cobra Strikes (The College of Magic)"
84-18 to 84-32 1661-1675 "Le rat" "Karma's Adventure"
84-36 to 84-40 1679-1683 "La fillette" "Hojo's Tale"
85-10 to 85-12 1705-1707 "Les chats" "Narda and the Cats"
85-28 & 85-29 1723-1724 "Les traqueurs" "The Mission"
85-39 1735 "Les parfums du professeur Xoz" "Dr Xoz Prof. of Smells"
85-51 & 85-52 1747-1748 "Le maître des têtes" "The Incredible Thief"
86-02 1751 "Les évadés" "Magic Man"
86-12 1761 "Les machines folles" "Super-Elec"
86-21 1770 "L'homme insecte" "The Bug Man"
86-24 1773 "Le requin" "Super Shark"
86-34 1783 "Le secret de Hojo" "The Mysterious Chief"
86-37 1786 "La machination" "The Frame-Up"
86-42 1791 "Cap sur Mars" "Mirage in Space"
87-13 1814 "Le diable danseur" "The Demon Dancer"
87-18 1819 "Les pirates du cosmos" "The Ratmen of Rodencia"
87-23 1824 "Le cheval qui volait" "Mandrake's Gangster Gallery" part only
88-11 1864 "La faille des Atlantes" "The Attalan Deep"
88-21 1874 "Les oiseaux roc" "Roc Island"
88-29 1882 "Le lys bleu" "The Blue Bandit"
88-44 1897 "Le danger venu des arbres" "The Mystery of the Big Trees"