O Tico

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O Tico
Colecção de Banda Desenhada para Adultos
(Suplemento do "Jornal do Cuto)''
O tico 01.jpg
First issue
Country/language: Mini portugal.gif Portugal / Portuguese
Publishing company: Portugal Press
Publishing years: 1974-1975
Issues: 12
Format: 17 × 24 cm, color

O Tico was published weekly. There were published 12 issues in total and "Mandrake" appeared two issues.

Issue overview

Regular series

Various comics: Agente Secreto X-9, Billy the Kid, Buz Sawyer, Dogfight Dixon, Dr. Kildare, Fantasma, Jane, Mandrake, Romeo Brown, Tiffany Jones.

Issues with Mandrake