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Hiquafi-Editora, lda
Biographical information
Founded: 1978 (?)
Country: Mini portugal.gif Portugal


H. Pimenta

It seems like that "Hiquafi-Editora" started as "H. Pimenta" in 1978 (?) with several different series. Five of them were released with similar looking covers: "Colecção Ataque", "Colecção Cowboys"[1], "Colecção Detective", "Colecção Policial" and "Colecção Pré-História". These series came out with only one number each and the back covers had ads for their other series like first issue of "Ben Bolt" and "João Tempestade".

Four fortnightly series were devoted to one figure: Colecção Acção "Agente Secreto X-9" (Secret Agent X-9, issues 1-5), Colecção K.O. "Ben Bolt" (Big Ben Bolt, issues 1-5), Colecção Vida a Vida "Dr. Kildare" (issues 1-5) and Colecção Espaço "João Tempestade" (Johnny Hazard, issues 1-5). Note: all issues 5 is marked with monthly release frequency.

In addition there are some other series by "H. Pimenta", like 3 issues of a series named "Oum, o Golfinho Branco".


The first series where the HE logo is printed on the cover are devoted to three well-known KFS characters: "Mandrake", "Fantasma" and "Flash Gordon". Even though all three first issues have #1 printed on the covers, all series ended with only one issue released.

With increased price (from 10$00 to 15$00) "Hiquafi-Editora" made a new attempt to launch new series. In addition to the new "Mandrake" (issues 1-11), "Fantasma" (issues 1-12) and "Flash Gordon" (issues 1[footnotes 1]-4) series two more series were released: the WWII series "Histórias da 2ª Guerra Mundial" (issues 1-2) and the western series "Epopeia do Oeste" (issues 1-2).

Later "Hiquafi-Editora" released hardcover bound "Especial Férias" of the KFS series: "Flash Gordon" #1 (regular issues 2, 3 and 4); "Mandrake" #1 (regular issues 3 and 4 + the extra issue), #2 (regular issues 5, 6 and 7), #3 (regular issues 8, 9 and 10); "Fantasma" #1 (regular issues 3, 4 and 8), #2 (regular issues 5, 6 and 7) and #4 (regular issues 11, 12 and "Mandrake" 11).

There is no date printed on the covers or inside so the release date of the series is suggested from 1977 to 1982.

The ads from the back covers from the 4th issues of the KFS series are for "Samurai", a judo and karate shop in Lisboa. And the ad on the back cover of "Mandrake" #10 is the French magazine "Karate" #36 (from September 1977).

Looking at the stories inside "Flash Gordon" #2 there is a story from 1978, and inside "Mandrake" #11 there is a "Hägar the Horrible" strip from mid 1979. So, the last "Hiquafi-Editora" series are most likely monthly from 1979 to 1980, with the "Especial Férias" issues released summer 1980.

Mandrake publications published by Hiquafi-Editora

Title Year(s) Issues Note
"Mandrake" 1979 1 first series
"Mandrake" 1979-1980 11 second series
"Mandrake" & "Flash Gordon" 1980 (-) unnumbered issue, possible a Christmas Album
"Mandrake - Especial Férias" 1980 3


  1. Uncertainty if there is an issue 1