Heróis Inesquecíveis

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Heróis Inesquecíveis
Heróis Inesquecíveis-01.jpg
First issue
Country/language: Mini portugal.gif Portugal / Portuguese
Publishing company: Edições Rodrigues Chaveiro, Lda
Publishing years: 1997-1998
Issues: 16
Format: 16.5×24 cm, b/w

Issue overview

Regular series

"Heróis Inesquecíveis" reprinted material from the Mundo de Aventuras magazine, with comics as: "Luis Euripo (Big Ben Bolt)" by John Cullen Murphy (issue 10), "Brick Bradford" by Paul Norris (issue 4), "Cisco Kid" by Jose Luis Salinas (issues 3, 9 and 15), "Fantasma (The Phantom)" by Sy Barry (issues 1, 7 and 13), "Flash Gordon" by Dan Barry (issues 6 and 12), "Johnny Hazard" by Frank Robbins (issues 5 and 11), "Mandrake" by Phil Davis (issues 2, 8 and 14), "Rip Kirby" by Alex Raymond (issue 16), "Tim Tyler (Tim Tyler's Luck)" by Lyman Young (in issue 14).

All covers are by Carlos Alberto Santos.

Issues with Mandrake