Enciclopédia O Mosquito - Classicos da banda desenhada

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Enciclopédia O Mosquito
Classicos da banda desenhada''
Encicop o Mosquito-01.jpg
First issues
Country/language: Mini portugal.gif Portugal / Portuguese
Publishing company: Portugal Press
Publishing years: 1973-1974
Issues: 10
Format: 27×18.5 cm, b/w

Issue overview

Regular series

"Enciclopédia O Mosquito" included a wide variety of comics as: Agente Secreto X-9, Brick Bradford, Buck Ryan, Cisco Kid, Jim das Selvas, Mandrake, Príncipe Valente, Red Ryder, Rip Kirby, and one-shot; Wyatt Earp.

Issues with Mandrake


All issues were collected into an album.

Issues list

# Main story (character on cover) Second story Publishing date Comment
1 Mandrake ("Mandrake the Magician") --none-- May 1, 1973
2 "Red Rider" ("Red Ryder") --none-- June 1, 1973
3 "O Castelo Medieval" ("The Mediaeval Castle") "Jim das Selvas" ("Jungle Jim") July 1, 1973
4 "Brick Bradford" "Wyatt Earp" August 1, 1973
5 "Buck Ryan" --none-- September 1, 1973
6 "Cisco Kid" --none-- October 1, 1973
7 "Agente Secreto X-9 " ("Secret Agent X-9") --none-- November 1, 1973
8 "Jim das Selvas" ("Jungle Jim") --none-- December 1, 1973
9 "O Castelo Medieval" ("The Medieval Castle") "Rip Kirby" February 1, 1974 First part for "Rip Kirby"
10 "Rip Kirby" --none-- March 1, 1974 First part of the story in issue # 9