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Colecção Galo
Galo 01.jpg
First issues
Country/language: Mini portugal.gif Portugal / Portuguese
Publishing company: Portugal Press
Publishing years: 1977-1978 (?)
Issues: 6
Format: 18.5×26.5 cm, b/w

Issue overview

Regular series

"Galo" included a wide variety of comics as: "Amar Singh" by L. Geri and S. Fenso, "Big Ben Bolt" by John Cullen Murphy, "Brick Bradford" by Paul Norris, Fantasma by Lee Falk and Sy Barry, "Mandrake the Magician" by Lee Falk and Fred Fredericks, "Tarzan" by Burne Hogarth /Alberto Marcet, "Tim Tyler's Luck" by Lyman Young, "Fica em casa Jane" by Jesus Blasco, "Moose and Molly" by Bob Weber and "Hubert" by Dick Wingert.

Issues with Mandrake


Unsold copies were later glued together into "Galo Colecção Completa".

Issues with Mandrake