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Colecção Audácia
First issue
Country/language: Mini portugal.gif Portugal / Portuguese
Publishing company: Aguiar & Dias, Lda
Publishing years: 1954-1957
Issues: 432
Format: 14.5×21.5 cm, b/w/sepia

Issue overview

Regular series

Colecção Audácia was a tiny comic magazine of only eight pages, published in Portugal by Aguiar & Dias, Lda which was running on 5 volumes of 32 issues from January 12, 1954 to 1957. It can be considered as inspired by the "Mundo de Aventuras" publication - same editor - for a most modest price in order to attract much readers, but also with much fewer pages than the latter.

Regular series

"Colecção Audácia" included a wide variety of comics, already seen in the "Mundo de Aventuras" series, as: Big Ben Bolt, Brick Bradford, Cisco Kid, "Fantasma" ("The Phantom"), Johnny Hazard, Kerry Drake, "Mandrake the Magician", Príncipe Valente, Rusty Riley. The stories were cut into one page in each issue, so with the cover, only seven comics were published at the same time.

Issues with Mandrake