Jornal do Cuto

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Jornal do Cuto
Jornal do Cuto-001.jpg
First issue
Country/language: Mini portugal.gif Portugal / Portuguese
Publishing company: Portugal Press
Publishing years: 1971-1978
Issues: 174
Format: 19×27 cm, b/w

Issue overview

Regular series

Jornal do Cuto was one of the regular publications of the Portuguese “Portugal Press”, one of the more important comics publisher during the seventies. Mainly published on a weekly timing (except for some monthly issues), it has known a 9 years long run with its first issue released on July 7, 1971 and its last one (#174) on February 1, 1978. However the publication was suspended between May 15, 1974 and September 10, 1975. Two special issues have been released : # 25 (for Christmas 1971) and # 49 (in commemoration of the classic Portuguese epic poem work, by Luís de Camões “Os Lusíadas” - English translation: “The Lusiads“ - printed in 1572).

From issue # 44 to issue # 109, a supplement called "A Formiga" - "The Ant" – was also included.

The series owes its name to the character “Cuto” created by the Spanish Jesus Blasco and well known in Portugal. A large part of the covers was drawn by “Carlos Alberto Santos”.

Jornal do Cuto included a wide variety of comics in every issue, such as: Agente Secreto X-9, Altai & Johnson, Anita Diminuta, Aquila, Arco Negro, Aristocratas (Os), Batman, Big Ben Bolt, Billy the kid, Billy o Botas, Black Max, Blondie, Bob, Brick Bradford, Buscadores (Os), Buz Sawyer, Capitão Ciclone, Cão Top, Capitão Kate, Cattivik, Cisco Kid, Clementino, Corridas, Corvos (Os), Coyote, Cuto, Danielle, Devil Doone, Dick Turpin, Falcão Negro, Fantasma, Flash Gordon, Garra d'Aço, Garrett, Garth, Grap, Gus o Gorila, Half Hitch, Henry, Hi e Lois, Histórias do Velho Tom, Homem Aranha (O), Homem Indestrutível (O), Ilha Louca, Jim Hawk, John Drake, Johnny Focus, Johnny Hazard, Justice Ghost, Kangaroo Kid, Kelly o Xerife-Robot, Larry Yuma, Lord Shark, Mandrake, Mara, Matt Dillon, Matt Marriott, Mosqueteiros do Rei (Os), Mundos Gémeos, Nubbin, Odinson, Pandilha (A), Peter o Gato, Platão Chico & Serapião, Pockett Bill, Popeye, Príncipe Valente, Randall, Red Ryder, Redeye, Reizinho (O), Ric O'Shay, Rip Kirby, Rob the Rover, Robin dos Bosques, Ruthie O'Rourke, Sadhu, Sam o Rapaz da Selva, Serafim & Malacueco, Sombra (O), Smiyh e Wesson, Spider, Sombra (O), Tarzan, Ted Kirk, Texas Jack, Tiger, Tom Boy, Tomahawk Tom, Wes Slade, Wyatt Earp, Zé Pacóvio.

Issues with Mandrake

Issue 25 have a 20 pgs supplement with Robin Hood by Jesus Blasco.


Unsold copies of "Jornal do Cuto" were later glued together and sold as hardcover "albums". A total of 9 albums were published.

Issues with Mandrake

Selecções Jornal do Cuto

An anthology book with reprinted material from Jornal do Cuto #64 – #92, and with a new outer cover.

Colecção Herói (Suplemento do Jornal do Cuto)

In 1973/1974, six separate issues were published as supplements of the regular series in a smaller format of 13 x 18,5 cm. "Mandrake the Magician" is featured in one of these supplements (#3). Complete list:

(nb: at the same time, a twin collection entitled "Colecção Gafanhoto" (same format) was also launched by Portgal Press but with other and more recent comics characters).

Colecção Herói (second series) (Suplemento do Jornal do Cuto)

In 1975/1976, a second series of the regular "Jornal do Cuto" was released, in a bigger format of 19 × 27 cm (and with less pages) but for 4 issues only. "Mandrake the Magician" is featured in one of these supplements (#3). Each issue presents two different comics characters. Complete list:

  • # 1: "Agente Secreto X-9" ("Secret Agent X-9") + "Joe Dakota", dated 15/11/1975
  • # 2: "Matt Dillon" + "Buck Jones", dated 01/12/1975
  • # 3: "Mandrake" + "Robin Malone", dated 01/01/1976
  • # 4: "Último Vale" + "Danielle Bottor", dated 01/03/1974.