Lenore, Mandrake's sister

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First appearance: "Lenore"
Created by: Lee Falk and Phil Davis

Lenore is a character from the Mandrake the Magician comic strip that first appeared in "Lenore", the 61th daily story.

Fictional Character Biography

Lenore, a famed explorer is Mandrake's little sister. She hold herself away from Mandrake because she feel that her fame disappeared in the shadow of her more fame brother.

Family and childhood

Lenore is Mandrakes little sister, but no stories have explained in more detail what family relationship they have. There exist only two stories that briefly tell about family relationships:

  • "The Evil Twin": When Mandrake was younger he told Narda that their father was a traveling stage magician and their mother died when they were small. It was hard for their father to raise them so he had to entrust his baby girl, Lenore, to a foster home and brought the twins to the College of Magic in Tibet.
  • "King Kered": Mandrake's mother died in childbirth in the College of Magic. While wild bandits invaded the land, the twins were seperated, sent to safety. The twins returned at age five, Derek as a spoild child. At the College of Magic the twins have an older half-brother Luciphor, and a younger half-sister Lenore.

Theron has on several occasions told that he through the centuries had a few dozen wives, but never told anything about a wife after the death of Mandrake's mother Eleanora. Lenore's mother need not necessarily have been married to Theron, but she is never mentioned in any stories.

It is most likely that Lenore is the daughter of Basil the Great, Mandrake's foster-father. And that she grew up in a foster home in US, since her mother died when Lenore was a infant. This may also explain why Leonore, like her brothers, do not have any education in magic.

Behind the scenes

  • Eleanora, named after Lee Falk's mother.

Notable appearances

Lenore has appeared in these stories:

Year Daily/Sunday Title Artist Comments
1951 Daily "Lenore" Davis
1951 Daily "Mandrake's Birthday" Davis
1956 Daily "Witchman's Peak" Davis
1958 Dayly "The Dollmaker" Davis Named Leonore in some strips
1976 Daily "The Evil Twin" Fredericks Leonore is daughter of Basil the Great
1977 Daily "The Cooler" Fredericks
1989 Daily "King Kered" Fredericks Lenore is daughter of Theron