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First appearance: "The Cobra Returns"
Created by: Lee Falk and Fred Fredericks

Jed is a character from the Mandrake the Magician comic strip that first appeared in "The Cobra Returns".

Fictional Character Biography

Jed is the chief for the Inter-Intel in New York. The last name of Jed is a bit uncertain. Once his office door had the name Jed Carr, once at his desk it was a name shield with Jed Bart.

He is a close friend of Mandrake, and often spends his spare time by the pool at Xanadu.


Notable appearances

Some of the stories where Jed has featured most prominently are:

Year Daily/Sunday Title Artist Comments
1965 Sunday "The Cobra Returns" Fredericks
1966 Daily "The UFO" Fredericks
1966 Sunday "The Underworld vs. Inter-Intel" Fredericks new bureau head of Inter-Intel
1966 Daily "The Trail of 8" Fredericks
1967 Sunday "The Game of Chance" Fredericks
1968 Daily "Dr Dell and 8" Fredericks
1968 Sunday "Second Chance" Fredericks
1969 Daily "The Connoisseur" Fredericks On Jed's office door: Jed Carr - Bureau Head (strip of Mars 11,1966).
1970 Sunday "The 3D Monster" Fredericks A name shield on Jed's desk: Jed Bart (strip of January 25, 1970).
1970 Sunday "The Mystery" Fredericks
1971 Sunday "The Shark" Fredericks
1972 Daily "The Mission" Fredericks
1973 Sunday "The Mystery of Inter-Intel" Fredericks
1975 Daily "The Thieves" Fredericks
1976 Daily "The Mysterious Chief" Fredericks