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Luciphor aka
The Cobra
First appearance: "The Cobra"
Created by: Lee Falk and Phil Davis

Luciphor aka The Cobra is a character from the Mandrake the Magician comic strip that first appeared in "The Cobra", the very first Mandrake story.

Fictional Character Biography

The Cobra is Mandrake's most evil and dangerous foe. In a story from 1937, the Cobra was apparently defeated; however, he returned with a vengeance in a story from 1965. This time hiding his face (scarred and disfigured in battle with Mandrake) behind a menacing silver mask.

The Cobra's main goal is to acquire one of the two powerful Crystal Cubes which increase mental energy. These are guarded by Mandrake and Theron.

In later years, the Cobra abandoned his silver mask as his face had been reconstructed through surgery. The Cobra is sometimes accompanied by his assistant Udd.


Mandrake learned that The Cobra's true identity was Luciphor, Theron's oldest son — thus making The Cobra Mandrake's half-brother.

Notable appearances

The Cobra has appeared in these stories:

Year Daily/Sunday Title Comments
1934 Daily "The Cobra"
1937 Daily "In the Cobra's Grip"
1965 Sunday "The Cobra Returns" with a silver mask and real name Luciphor
1967 Daily "The Return of Evil - The Cobra"
1969 Daily "The Cobra Strikes (The College of Magic)"
1971 Daily "The Rogues"
1974 Daily "The Cobra and the Cube"
1974 Daily "The Search for the Cobra"
1975 Daily "The Frame-Up" just a glimpse at the end
1979 Daily "Mandrake's Gangster Gallery"
1981 Daily "Mandrake's Family" Mandrake's half brother
1984 Daily "Behind Death's Door" without the silver mask
1989 Daily "King Kered"
1992 Daily "The Book of Criminals"
1995 Daily "Pursuit of the Cobra"
1997 Sunday "Mandrake Marries Narda"
1997 Daily "Mandrake's Wedding at the College of Magic"
1998 Daily "Mandrake's Wedding at Xanadu"
1999 Daily "Siege at Xanadu" first time in the strips, Luciphor and Derek meet each other as adults
2007 Daily "Dangerous Music"
2012 Daily "Melody of Doom"
2013 Phantom Sunday "Mandrake's Bon Voyage"