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The Police Chief
First appearance: "The Theatre Mysteries"
Created by: Lee Falk and Phil Davis

The Police Chief is a character from the Mandrake the Magician comic strip.

Fictional Character Biography

The New York City Police Chief, mostly just called "Chief", is one of Mandrake's oldest friends. At the Police HQ he created the "Silly Stuff Dept." for absurd and unbelievable cases that only Mandrake could solve.


The Police Chief is a widower and has been both mother and father to his only son, Chris. Although it never mentioned he must also have a daughter older than Chris, since he has a granddaughter.

Notable appearances

Some of the stories where the Chief has featured most prominently are:

Year Daily/Sunday Title Comments
1940 Sunday "The Theatre Mysteries"
1941 Daily "The Great Grando"
1944 Daily "The Dome"
1946 Daily "The Brass Monkey"
1948 Daily "Derek" Family: Granddaughter
1949 Daily "The Amazing Ray" Family: The Chief is married
1960 Daily "The Rockaby Thief" Mentioned by name: Chief Bates
1964 Daily "The Chief" Family: Chris, The Chief is a widower
1985 Daily "The Supercomputer" Mentioned by name: Chief Bradley
1998 Daily "Mandrake's Wedding at Xanadu" Mentioned by name: Chief Brand
1998 Daily "The Fisherman" Mentioned by name: Chief Brad