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First appearance: "Derek"
Created by: Lee Falk and Phil Davis

Theron is a character from the Mandrake the Magician comic strip that first appeared in "Derek".

Fictional Character Biography

Theron is the grand master of the College of Magic somewhere in the Himalayas. Theron is hundreds of years old, probably due to the energy of the powerful Crystal Cube of which he is the guardian.


Theron has been married twelve times and said to had 30 - 40 children, only four of them are alive today; Luciphor, Derek, Mandrake and Lenore.

Notable appearances

Some of the stories where Theron has featured most prominently are:

Year Title Daily/Sunday Artist Comments
1948 Daily "Derek" Davis
1950 Daily "Swami" Davis
1953 Daily "The Mysterious Mr Beam" Davis
1963 Daily "Master of Magic" Davis
1969 Daily "The Cobra Strikes (The College of Magic)" Fredericks
1971 Sunday "The Hidden College of Magic" Fredericks
1980 Daily "Derek" Fredericks
1981 Daily "Mandrake's Family" Fredericks Theron reveals that he is the father of Mandrake
1984 Daily "Behind Death's Door" Fredericks
1989 Daily "King Kered" Fredericks
1997 Daily "Mandrake's Wedding at the College of Magic" Fredericks