Saki (The Clay Camel)

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Saki aka The Clay Camel
First appearance: Saki, the Clay Camel"
Created by: Lee Falk and Phil Davis

"Saki" aka "The Clay Camel" is a character from the Mandrake the Magician comic strip that first appeared in "Saki, the Clay Camel".

Fictional Character Biography

The Clay Camel, real name Saki, is a master of disguises. He is able to mimic anyone and change his appearance in seconds. His name comes from the symbol he leaves at the scenes of his crimes, a small camel made of clay.


The Brass Monkey are the daughter of Clay. He also have an aunt, Aggie the truck driver.

Notable appearances

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Saki, the Clay Camel" Falk Davis first appearance
"The Return of the Clay Camel" Falk Davis
"Return of the Clay Camel" Falk Davis
"The Brass Monkey" Falk Davis His daughter
"The Clay Camel (plus Women's Lib!)" Falk Fredericks Prisoner 39013
"Return of the Clay Camel...and Others" Falk Fredericks
"Clay Camel and the Ganglords" Falk Fredericks real name Oswald !
"Return of the Clay Camel" Fredericks Fredericks

Behind the scenes

Among Mandrake's archenemy the Clay Camel is the one most similar to himself. They both have their starting point from the stage. Mandrake uses illusion as a magician in his fight against crime and to escape a predicament. While the Clay Camel uses illusion as a master of quick perfect disguise in his crimes and to escape a predicament.