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First appearance: "Mandrake's Family"
Created by: Lee Falk and Fred Fredericks

Eleanora is a character from Mandrake comic strip that first appeared in "Mandrake's Family".

Fictional Character Biography

Eleanora was the only child of a powerful ruling Duke, brother of a King. When she was traveling to her College her chauffeur driven lost and ended up at the College of Magic. She was very excited about it and decided to study College of Magic. At age of 25 she proposed to Theron, he said yes.

A year after she told him she was pregnant, but sadly she died during the childbirth.


Behind the scenes

  • Eleanora, named after Lee Falk's mother.

Notable appearances

Eleanora had a small appearance in these stories:

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Mandrake's Family" Falk Fredericks
"Behind Death's Door" Falk Fredericks
"King Kered" Falk Fredericks