Collegium Magikos

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Collegium Magikos
The College of Magic
First appearance: Derek
Created by: Lee Falk and Phil Davis

The College of Magic


First time Mandrake mentioned[1] the origin of "The College of Magic"[footnotes 1] he said it was build in the times of Genghis Khan (1162-1227). The wizards in old times carried on secrets of ancient Egypt, magic of ancient China and others. And when the hordes of Genghis Khan swept the eastern world most of the wizards and their lore were destroyed. Only a few escaped and they build the "College of Magic" and the city around it.

Later when "The College of Magic" is presented it is said that it had existed for about 4000 years[2], but Theron also said it was founded 2000 years ago[3].


"The College of Magic"[1] is located in Tibet, in a remote valley in the Himalayas. In modern time it was moved into a vast cavern in the valley.

The College

The main building was build[1] as a larger copy of the tiny modell inside the mysterious Crystal Ball[footnotes 2].

In modern time Theron, the grandmaster of the college, predicted[1] that their plesant hidden valley would be found by enemy invaders[footnotes 3]. To save the College from destruction they prepared a vast cavern and moved[footnotes 4] the College inside the cavern.


Only a few former students are known: Mandrake, Derek[4], Swami[5], Jones/Beam[6], Aleena[7].

The Campus

The College has always been surrounded by other buildings that are being occupied by the city's inhabitants.

In modern times the entrance to the cavern is hidden[2] by a hundred-ton boulder, which opens when a secret word is spoken. Behind the boulder there is a dark tunnel, only lighted[3] by the flaming "Collegium Magikos" nameplate, leading to the underground wonderland city. The city has a underground river and is largely self-sufficient, all powered by a mental reactor[1].


  1. First time the name "Collegium Magikos" is mentioned is in the daily strip of November 18, 1969.
  2. The Crystal Ball/Cube(s) is said to be of alien origin and older than the pyramides.
  3. In 1949-50 China's newly established government sent troops to Tibet, and that is reflected in the "Master of Magic" story.
  4. In D-214 - The Ears of the Earth it is said that in ancient times the College was build in the cave.


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