Suplemento em Quadrinhos

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Suplemento em Quadrinhos
First issue
Country/language: Mini brazil.gif Brazil / Portuguese
Publishing company: Editorial Lino
Publishing years: 1967-1968
Issues: 3
Format: ?×? cm, color

Suplemento em Quadrinhos was published by Editorial Lino in 1967 and 1968 in Brazil. Each issue was released in a large format and contained 16 pages, the third issue having also a special encart devoted to Batman.


"Suplemento em Quadrinhos" was a compilation of newspaper strip reprints such as "Brick Bradford", "The Phantom", "Donald Duck", "Mandrake the Magician", "The Lone Ranger", "Prince Valiant" amongst others. Only three issues seem to have been released.

Issue overview

Regular series

Second series

The series was reprinted and the first issue was numbered "0" and was an insert in "Jornal Jovem" #2 (February 1968). Issues 2 and 3 retained the numbering but they had new covers.


  • The logo title "SuplementO" (first and last letters in capital, with a frame below) is inspired from the one used in the 30's for the magazine Suplemento Juvenil.