Almanaque do Globo Juvenil

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Almanaque do Globo Juvenil
Almanaque globo juvenil 1941.jpg
First issue
Country/language: Mini brazil.gif Brazil / Portuguese
Publishing company: O Globo
Publishing years: 1941-1965
Issues: 26
Format: 26×36 cm
17,5×26, b/w & color

Almanaque do Globo Juvenil was a Brazilian comic book series, published by O Globo between 1941 and 1965.


O Globo produced a series of Christmas annuals as a spin-off from the Gibi series. These were produced between 1941 and 1965, and featured complete stories by a range of characters such as "Prince Valiant", "Flash Gordon", "Alley Oop", "The Phantom", "Mandrake" and on. Although these books were published in December, the new year number was identified on the cover. All books had a hard cover with artwork by Luiz Fernando Guimarães (Lutz), Domingos Cervera or uncredited artists. The 1952 issue was in format 26 x 36 cm, but later they were smaller at 17.5 x 26 cm.

Issue overview

Regular series

Issues with Mandrake

Advertising pages featuring Mandrake (among other characters)