Almanaque do Gibi Nostalgia

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Almanaque do Gibi
First issue
Country/language: Mini brazil.gif Brazil / Portuguese
Publishing company: RGE
Publishing years: 1967-1968
Issues: 2
6 (+1)
Format: 17.5×26 cm
16.8×24.2 cm, b/w

Issue overview

Regular series

Two issues, none with Mandrake.

Almanaque do Gibi - Nostalgia

An anthology of old stories of classic characters, it hitted newsstands in Brazil on June 24, 1975. Six issues were published in tabloid format, it had 132 pages and was printed in black and white on newsprint.

Issues with Mandrake


One double issue entitled “Almanaque do Gibi Nostalgia 1 & 2”, featuring the first two regular issues, was later released under a new cover.

Issues with Mandrake

Almanaque do Gibi - Atualidade

One issue, known for printing Corto Maltese by Hugo Pratt.