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O Globo
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Biographical information
Founded: 1925
Country: Mini brazil.gif Brazil
Website: [[1]]

O Globo is a Brazilian newspaper that published "Mandrake, the Magician" daily strip between 1940 and 1995.


O Globo, founded in 1925, is the major daily newspaper in Rio de Janeiro, and is part of the Organizações Globo media conglomerate, that includes newspapers (Infoglobo), magazines (Editora Globo), tv stations (Rede Globo de Televisão), cable tv stations (Globosat), radio stations (Sistema Globo de Rádio) and a charitable foundation (Fundação Roberto Marinho). O Globo started publishing Golden Age comics with O Globo Juvenil (launched in 1937) and Gibi (1939). Two newspaper print comic book series that were published apart from the newspaper. But starting in January 22, 1940 they began publishing "Mandrake" daily strip on the newspaper in order to promote the two aforementioned comic book series. In 1952 a publishing house, named Rio Gráfica e Editora, was founded. It was the magazine arm of O Globo. A Mandrake magazine, titled Mandrake Magazine was launched in 1953. With the acquisition by RGE of Editora Globo in 1986, a book publishing company originally founded in 1883 in Porto Alegre, RGE became in fact Editora Globo. The main reason of the acquisition by RGE was to get hold of the Globo name. Mandrake magazines continued being published until 1992.

Mandrake publications published by O Globo

As backup title

Title Issue(s)
O Globo Juvenil ? (2051 in total)
Gibi ? (1739 in total)
Coleção Gibi ? (34 in total)
Gibi Mensal ? (143 in total)
O Globo Juvenil Mensal ? (218 in total)

"O Globo" newspaper : published stories

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Original story title Start date End date Comment
"Mandrake in America" January 22, 1940 May 29, 1940
"Mandrake in Hollywood" May 30, 1940 July 27, 1940
"Sonny the Child Movie Star" July 29, 1940 September 5, 1940
"The Cobra and the Cube" May 29, 1975 August 25, 1975
"The Search for the Cobra" August 26, 1975 November 10, 1975
"The Thieves" November 11, 1975 June 10, 1976
"The Evil Twin" June 11, 1976 October 9, 1976
"Super-Elec" October 11, 1976 December 18, 1976
"The Mysterious Chief" December 20, 1976 March 11, 1977
"The Pacific Circle" March 12, 1977 July 23, 1977
"Narda and the Sheik" July 25, 1977 October 22, 1977